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New!  FORMUFIT 1 in. Adjustable PVC Elbows.

New! FORMUFIT 1 in. Adjustable PVC Elbows.

We’ve expanded our easy-to-use Adjustable PVC elbows to the 1” PVC Size! Announcing our 1” Internal Adjustable PVC Elbow, which connects two segments of 1” Schedule 40 PVC pipe at any angle between 90 degree and 270 degrees. Use these in combination with our 1” 3-Way and 4-Way PVC Fittings to create amazing PVC assemblies and structures.

The internal fit of this adjustable joint holds the pipe segments together strongly, but PVC cement is recommended for a sturdy and heavy duty connection between pipe and adjustable connector.

1” PVC Adjustable Joints are now in stock and available on in both White and Black.

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Holly - January 14, 2019

Hmmm, I’m wondering the same thing.

Kirsten - January 9, 2018

How easy are these to swing back and forth? I’m looking to make a gate to practice door manners with my dog.

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