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  • Water-Tight Housing

    Water-Tight Housing

    Check out the incredibly innovative method by which The Cave Pearl project utilized FORMUFIT Table Caps to create a water-tight housing for underwater sensor equipment. The Cave Pearl Project is...
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  • Gets an New Look Gets an New Look

    Welcome to the new, simpler, cleaner online face of FORMUFIT. Our site was due for a much needed overhaul and redesign, so we decided to make some changes that we...
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  • The PVC Lawn Bag Stand

    The PVC Lawn Bag Stand

    Many municipalities now require the use of biodegradable paper lawn bags in order to have your yard clippings and leaves picked up by the city. You know the ones we’re...
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  • Strandbeest: Living PVC Creations

    Strandbeest: Living PVC Creations

    Theo Jansen, a Dutch artist, makes large, walking mechanisms solely out of PVC pipe, named Strandbeest, which feed on gusts of wind.  His works are a fusion of art, invention...
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  • Create a giant PVC screen for under $100

    Create a giant PVC screen for under $100

    CNET’s Donald Bell built a giant 10-foot wide, collapsible projection screen for under $100 with FORMUFIT PVC pipe and fittings. Donald, Senior Editor with CNET, needed an inexpensive projection screen...
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  • Project: SPINE

    Project: SPINE

    Like other artists, Danish architectural firm Kollison found a unique structural medium in PVC pipe and fittings for their interactive art installation, installed at Godsbanen in Aarhus, Denmark during the...
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  • Set Design with PVC

    Set Design with PVC

    Passion City Church in Atlanta wanted to create a new set design that gave the appearance of floating cubes.  To bring this to life, they used 1” PVC along with...
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  • PVC Becomes Art

    PVC Becomes Art

    Matthew Michael Warren, a designer & sculpture artist in Brooklyn, NY recently displayed his hardware-themed art sculpture, made entirely of FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC products at the Crest Hardware Art...
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