1-1/2 in. Furniture Grade PVC Pipe

FORMUFIT 1-1/2" Structural Grade PVC pipe is a high quality, durable PVC pipe, made from structurally designed, engineered plastics.  Made from UV resistant Furniture Grade PVC resin, it will resist and withstand sunlight and fluorescent lighting for years.  2" PVC pipe is our next-to-largest PVC size, and is perfect for larger projects where load is a factor.

Furniture Grade PVC pipe does not have any printing or markings on the surface and is a beautiful, glossy plain white pipe. While this pipe is not intended for plumbing or pressurized use, it is extremely strong and durable. It is specially designed for non-traditional PVC projects such as DIY shelves, PVC structures and so much more.

All FORMUFIT 1-1/2" PVC Pipe is Schedule 40, which has an outside diameter of 1-7/8" (1.900") with an average inside diameter of 1.610 inches.

FORMUFIT PVC Pipe Black / 1 ft. 1-1/2" Schedule 40 Furniture Grade PVC Pipe
FORMUFIT PVC Pipe White / 1 ft. 1-1/2" Schedule 40 Furniture Grade PVC Pipe

1-1/2" Schedule 40 Furniture Grade PVC Pipe

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FORMUFIT 1-1/2" Size Furniture Grade PVC Pipe is by far the highest quality Structural Grade PVC pipe you can buy. Perfect for when the looks of yo...

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from $2.20

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