1/2 in. Size PVC

FORMUFIT 1/2 in. PVC products are the smallest size available in Structural or Furniture Grade PVC.  These small diameter pipe, fittings and accessories are ideal for small applications, such as school projects, outdoor games and prototyping.

All FORMUFIT 1/2 in. Size fitting products work with 1/2 in. Schedule 40 PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 13/16” (0.840 in.). 

FORMUFIT Ball Cap White 1/2" Internal PVC Ball Cap - Furniture Grade

1/2" Internal PVC Ball Cap - Furniture Grade


FORMUFIT 1/2 in. PVC Ball Caps fit inside of the end of a PVC pipe, leaving a smooth, rounded, ball-shaped end. PVC Internal Ball Caps have a smoot...

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