1/2 Inch Size Furniture Grade PVC Fittings

1/2 in. Size PVC

FORMUFIT 1/2 in. PVC products are the smallest size available in Structural or Furniture Grade PVC. These small diameter pipes, fittings, and accessories are ideal for small applications, such as school projects, outdoor games, and prototyping.

  • External-fit 1/2" Size PVC products have a socket diameter of 13/16" (0.840 in.), which is equal to the actual outside diameter of a 1/2" size PVC pipe.
  • Internal-fit products will only fit 1/2" Schedule 40 size PVC pipe, which has an average inside diameter of 0.622 inches.  Internal-fit products will not work with Schedule 80 or thinwall PVC pipe sizes.

Important Size Info

FORMUFIT 1/2 in. fitting products work with 1/2 in. Schedule 40 PVC pipe, which has an actual outside diameter of 13/16" (0.840 in.). For sizing information, please see our PVC 101 page.

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Product Manual
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