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3/4 in. Size PVC

FORMUFIT 3/4 in. PVC products are the next to smallest size available in Structural or Furniture Grade PVC and maintains flexibility, while adding additional diameter to the pipe.  These smaller diameter pipe, fittings and accessories are perfect for smaller applications, such as college projects, indoor/outdoor games, pet supply needs and for minimalist structure applications.

All FORMUFIT 3/4 in. fitting products work with 3/4 in. Schedule 40 PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 1-1/16” (1.050 in.). 

  • FORMUFIT Cross White 3/4" PVC Cross Fitting Connector - Furniture Grade
    from $2.30

    3/4" PVC Cross Fitting Connector - Furniture Grade

    FORMUFIT structural 3/4" Furniture Grade PVC Cross fitting joins 3/4 in. Size PVC pipe at four points for crossmember support in PVC applications f...

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    from $2.30