3-Way PVC Fitting Corner

FORMUFIT 3-Way PVC fittings fit three (3) segments of PVC pipe together to build PVC structures using Schedule 40 PVC pipe from your local store or use our high quality furniture pipe. PVC pipe slides into each socket for a secure, square corner fit. Fasten in place using PVC solvent cement or with screws between the PVC pipe and fitting for a permanent joint.

Furniture 3-Way Elbows do not have any printing, barcodes or embossments on them. They are injection molded as a solid unit from UV Resistant Furniture Grade PVC resin for years of strong and durable use.  They are either bright white or bright color) in finish and will stay that way for decades unlike standard plumbing PVC pipe.

All FORMUFIT PVC 3-way elbow fittings are slip style and completely flow-through to allow passage of cables or fluids. PVC 3-Way Corner joints are for building projects such as dog beds and garden projects with PVC pipes and are not recommended for plumbing applications.

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