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5-Way PVC Cross

The FORMUFIT 5-Way PVC Fitting connects PVC pipe at five (5) distinct points. Create base structures or internal cross-member support on separate planes. 5-Way PVC Crosses let you easily connect PVC pipe at five points on multiple planes and is essential when building base or stand applications for display units and tables. They offer four sockets in a cross configuration, with a fifth socket to allow a perpendicular connection for added complexity when building PVC projects.

Available Sizes

FORMUFIT PVC 5-Way Cross are available to buy online in the 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" PVC Sizes and fit standard Schedule 40 PVC size pipe. For sizing information, please see our PVC 101 page.

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FORMUFIT 1-1/2 in. 5-Way PVC Cross fittings in Clear connect 1-1/2" Size PVC pipe at five points on three planes. Clear 5-Way Cross fittings are essential when building a base, stand, or footing ap...

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PVC 5-Way Side Outlet Cross

Basic Description

The FORMUFIT 5-Way PVC Fitting connects PVC pipe at five (5) distinct points in a cross configuration. Create base structures or internal cross-member support on separate planes. 5-Way PVC Elbow connectors are excellent for center positioning within a PVC structure or application or ultra-strong internal support. They are best for footing situations in PVC structures and are ideal where four PVC pipes need to meet at a single point and require a vertical socket on a separate plane.


5-Way PVC Cross Fittings look like a standard PVC cross with an outlet coming out of one side. They are commonly used to build walls, feet, or flooring structures for displays, banners, promotions, scaffolds, tables, garden projects, pet training equipment, hobby, or medical systems. 5-Way Outlet Crosses are helpful when creating standing structures like shelving or where you need to connect five pipes and form rigid central support.


All FORMUFIT 5-Way fittings are classified as Furniture Grade - meaning they are specially engineered both mechanically and materially for structural use and are not designed for plumbing use. They can, however, be used for fluid transfer in irrigation, aquaponics, or aquariums as they will handle the same pressures as standard plumbing fittings. In addition, external 5-Way fittings are slip-style and compatible with popular and readily available Schedule 40, 80, and thin-wall style PVC pipes of the same size. All sockets within the 5-Way Cross are at 90° angles, and the entire fitting is flow-through to allow wire, cable, or non-pressure fluids to continue unobstructed.

Engineered Materials

FORMUFIT 5-Way Connector fittings are made from premium Furniture Grade PVC resins and are manufactured in the USA from high-quality engineered plastics which contain UV-resistance modifiers and are available in a host of colors that will last for years outdoors in direct sunlight. In addition, FORMUFIT 5-Way Crosses have nearly five times stronger resistance to impact shock and breakage and are designed to hold up against severe weather conditions and sunlight exposure.

Fitment and Securing

5-Way Furniture Cross fittings are certified non-toxic and do not contain heavy metals, phthalates, or unhealthy fillers. FORMUFIT 5 Way connectors are compatible with schedule 40 fittings and can be assembled via press-to-fit for temporary connection or can be solvent welded using PVC cement and primer.