3/4" External 2-Way Adjustable PVC Elbow

Product Compatibility

Fits 0.75 Size Schedule 40 PVC Pipe


This product will fit 3/4" Size PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 1.050" (1-1/16") and an inside diameter of approximately 3/4".  See our PVC 101 section for more info.

This product is not compatible with CPVC or Copper Tube Size (CTS) pipe.

Product Specifications

3/4 in. Internal Adjustable Elbow TSD


View all of they physical dimensions of this product by downloading the Technical Specifications document in PDF format.


Product Description

Product Features

Connection Points

Impact Resistant

Increased Strength

UV Resistant

Adjustable Angle

Tapered Sockets

FORMUFIT 3/4 in. External-Fit 2-Way Adjustable Elbows create an external connection between two pieces of 3/4" PVC pipe that adjusts to any angle between 90° and 270°. With an extremely strong internal mechanism these joints hold the angle secure without moving, even with considerable weight applied. Easy push-button operation makes it easy to accommodate desired angles or create collapsible structures.

  • Just press the button and adjust the fitting angle.
  • Fits over of 3/4" Size PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 1-1/16" (1.050").
  • Adjusts between 90° and 270° in 22.5° increments.
  • Easily slides over 3/4" PVC pipe, with tapered ends for a clean appearance.
  • Ideal for fold-away and storage of PVC projects.
  • Available in White and Black for your PVC application.

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External PVC Adjustable Fitting_top External PVC Adjustable Fitting_top
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