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FORMUFIT Furniture Grade Inline Folding Couplers connect two PVC pipe segments externally and folds over to create a unique inline hinge for fold-away solutions or collapsible builds. These couplers can connect up to two furniture pipe lengths and are sealed on either side of the hinge.

Available Sizes

FORMUFIT PVC Folding Couplers are available to buy online in the 3/4" PVC Size and fit standard Schedule 40 PVC size pipe. For sizing information, please see our PVC 101 page.

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Inline Folding PVC Coupler

Basic Description

PVC Inline Folding Couplings allow you to connect two (2) PVC pipe segments while simultaneously incorporating a fold or inline hinge into a PVC structure. These couplers look exactly like our standard FORMUFIT External Coupling but contain a hinge element and are not pass-through.


Inline Folding Hinge Couplings can be used to create drop-down elements within a PVC structure. Some examples include drop tables that can be propped up when needed, collapsible elements of a PVC structure to reduce the size, or to make a specific project fold-away.


Inline Folding Couplings do not have any markings, labels, barcodes, or embossments and leave a smooth, clean appearance. They also have a glossy, smooth surface finish with a high tolerance that properly aligns when closed, thanks to the integrated internal hinge pin inserted during the injection molding process. Since they are an external-fit coupling, these Inline Hinge couplings can be used with Schedule 40, Schedule 80, or thinwall PVC pipe.

Engineered Materials

Like all other FORMUFIT products, Inline PVC Couplings are Made in the USA and are constructed from high-quality, engineered materials and ultraviolet-resistant compounds. In addition, they are fully weatherable thanks to the included impact modifiers and UV inhibitors.

Fitment and Securing

FORMUFIT Inline Folding Couplers fit externally over 3/4" Size PVC pipe and can be secured permanently with PVC cement or can be inserted and left with as a press-to-fit solution. It is important to note that the folding element of the PVC Inline Folding Coupling does not have a locking mechanism and works solely on gravity and the position of the hinge element.