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Color PVC Fitting and Pipe Availability

Most FORMUFIT products are available in our unique, distinct and bold PVC colors, as well as Clear PVC.  Use the following chart to see what colors are available in each PVC Size.  For additional information on our Color and Clear PVC products, please click the buttons below:

PVC Size Stocked Colors Available in Clear UV*

1/2 in. PVC

color pvc pipe clear pvc pipe

3/4 in. PVC

pvc pipe colors clear pvc fitting

1 in. PVC

pvc fitting colors pvc fittings clear

1-1/4 in. PVC

color pvc fittings clear pvc

1-1/2 in. PVC

pvc color black fitting

2 in. PVC

2 in. PVC colors


*Clear UV configurations are limited and may not be available for all products in the listed sizes.