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How to Use: Caster Pipe Cap

To connect Caster Pipe Caps to PVC pipe:

Connect PVC Caster Pipe Assembly

1. Insert the Caster Stem into the Caster Pipe Cap.  Add a washer and a nut to the top to secure in place.

Tighten Nut on Caster Pipe Cap

2.  Tighten the nut on top of the Caster Pipe Cap assembly until secure.

Slip Caster Pipe Cap over PVC Pipe

3.  Insert the entire Caster Pipe Cap assembly over the end of a 1-1/4" PVC pipe.

Secure Caster Pipe Cap PVC

4.  Press or tap into place until the Caster Pipe Cap iOS fully seated over the PVC pipe.


PVC cement should not be required to secure the Caster Pipe Cap in place.  Be sure to perform the assembly of the Caster Fitting insert before pushing over the PVC pipe, as the fit is extremely tight.

For additional information, please see our PVC Assembly Guide.