Slip Sling Tee PVC Fitting Instructions

Slip Tee Product Instructions

For information on how to install, connect and properly secure FORMUFIT Slip Tees, please see the Product Instructions page.

Product Instructions
Slip Tee PVC Hinge

Create PVC Project Hinges

FORMFUFIT Slip Sling Tees allow you to add a pivoting element in your PVC project without additional hardware. Slip Tees work best to create hinges for doors, lids, tops and supports in PVC projects. Ideal for hinge or sliding applications, or projects that require movement, such as wagons, fort doors, greenhouse doors and handles.

PVC Pipe Support - Slip Tee

Add Additional PVC Support

Is a segment of PVC in your project sagging? Use our Slip Tees to add additional support to pipe elements simply by sliding it onto the pipe and cementing or screwing into place. Allows additional project support without having to cut PVC pipe.

Durable PVC Slip Tees

Durable Attractive Solution

PVC Slip Tees dont require you to add non-compliant hardware to create pivoting elements in your projects. All FORMUFIT Slip Tees match the same design language and colors as all other products.

NOTE: Bottom socket does not allow pass-through/flow-through capability.

Slip Tee PVC Sizes

Available in Five PVC Sizes

PVC Slip Sling Tees are available in the 1/2" through 1-1/2" PVC Sizes. All Slip PVC Tees have a glossy, print-free and embossment-free surface and taper-style ends for a clean, transition down to the surface of the pipe. Slip Tees are UV resistant for outdoor, direct-sunlight applications.

Why Build with FORMUFIT PVC?

FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC pipe is designed to build structures. It has substantially deeper socket length than plumbing grade PVC fittings and fully injection molded products as a solid unit for durability. All fittings are impact proof and almost 5x stronger than plumbing grade alternatives. All FORMUFIT products are UV resistant for outdoor, direct-sunlight applications.