Wrong Size Received

The pipe, fittings or accessories I ordered are a different size than expected!

If you placed an order with FORMUFIT and received products that are a different size than expected, you may have inadvertently ordered the incorrect size.  Regrettably, this is a common issue for those who do not use PVC pipe on a frequent basis, or are just jumping into the practice.

Correct way to Measure

FORMUFIT products follow the Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) naming convention, which identifies the diameter of the hole of a PVC pipe with a closely-related dimensional number for its size. Therefore the Pipe Size for all of our products is based on the inside hole or ‘bore’ of the PVC pipe that it fits. This is the correct way to measure what PVC Pipe Size you need.

Incorrect way to Measure

You should never use the outside diameter of the pipe to determine your PVC pipe size. If you measure the outside diameter of your PVC pipe and order based off that measurement you will almost always receive the next PVC Size up. Never order PVC products based off the outside diameter.

Verification before Checkout

Due to the common issues encountered, we do ask, just prior to checkout, that you review our extensive PVC 101 documentation to get a better understanding of what size you should order:

Frequently Asked Questions

How DO I find my PVC Pipe Size?

You can find your PVC pipe in several ways. We recommend reviewing our PVC 101 documentation, but here are a few direct links on how to locate the correct PVC pipe size:

Why do you measure your products in this strange way?

We follow NPS naming rules, because the PVC pipe industry does. This method of measurement has been in place since 1927, and since all standard PVC pipe available from home centers and hardware stores use this method, so do our products.  We do this so that all of our products are compatible with off-the-shelf PVC pipe.

How can I return my products for the correct size?

If you ordered the incorrect size, you can return the items to us my requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization number to info@formufit.com. Please note the following:

  • We cannot exchange products, as additional shipping charges will most likely be incurred on the size change.  You can place another order for the size you need, while the incorrect items are being returned.
  • We cannot refund original shipping charges, for the original shipment funds have already been paid to the shipping carrier.

I measured my pipe correctly.

If you measured your PVC Pipe using the correct method shown, but still beleive that you were sent the incorrect size pipe, fitting or accessory, please take a picture of the fitting or pipe displayed with a tape measure next to the inside diameter of the fitting, or pipe and email the image(s) to info@formufit.com with your concerns. We'll determine if an error was made or if additional information is required.

if you have additional questions, you can send us an email at info@formufit.com.