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Fishmouth Adapters

FORMUFIT Fishmouth Adapters are a multi-use adapter/fitting that allows PVC builders to:

  • Connect PVC pipe perpendicularly to another pipe, without cutting.  A small hole within the fishmouth allows the use of fasteners such as screws to connect it to the outside of PVC pipe.
  • Create a 'rest' or positioning element for PVC pipe to set upon.
  • FORMUFIT Fishmouth Adapter 1-1/4" Fishmouth PVC Fitting - Furniture Grade White
    from $2.40

    1-1/4" Fishmouth PVC Fitting - Furniture Grade

    FORMUFIT specialty 1-1/4" Fishmouth PVC Adapters allow 1-1/4 in. Size PVC pipe to connect perpendicularly to another pipe of the same size using fa...

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    from $2.40