International Orders

Important Notes About International Shipping

  • FORMUFIT will ship to most countries via UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service; however, not all carriers are available to every country.
  • The US Postal Service cannot be used to ship PVC pipe due to the limitations on overall length for their services.
  • In most cases, shipping costs to international destinations will be expensive and will likely be higher than the cost of the actual products.  You can determine shipping costs by adding items to your cart and using our Shipping Calculator, located on the cart page.
  • Customs duties and taxes are not included in the shipping charges generated for your order via UPS or FedEx. These must be paid for in full by the shipping carrier upon delivery. The US Postal Service does not charge customs duties and taxes.

PVC Pipe Size Conversion

FORMUFIT ships products worldwide to countries that have utilize the NPS (Nominal Pipe Size) standard or the European equivalent, known as DN (Diamètre Nominal/Nominal Diameter/Durchmesser nach Norm).  

All FORMUFIT products are displayed and catalogued on this website in the NPS imperial sizes. Please see the chart below for the conversion of NPS into DN sizes:

1/2 in. 15 0.840 21.34
3/4 in. 20 1.050 26.67
1 in. 25 1.315 33.40
1-1/4 in. 32 1.660 42.16
1-1/2 in. 40 1.900 48.26
2 in. 50 2.375 60.33


Please be sure to select products that will work with your country's measurement system, and consult a professional from your local hardware shop or home improvement centre if necessary. FORMUFIT is not responsible for any return shipping charges in the case of an error or a mistake in size conversion.