Adjustable PVC Elbow

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Connect PVC pipe at two or more points to create any angle needed for your project.

FORMUFIT Furniture Grade adjustable PVC joints connect PVC pipe at two or more points to create any angle between 90 and 270-degrees. These are specifically ideal for scenarios where angles other than 90-Degree or 45-Degree are required.

The adjustable PVC pipe fittings are available in both internal and external options, depending upon size. Using these on your product gives it a beautiful, clean and functional pivoting connection that can be modified even after your build is complete.

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FORMUFIT 1-1/4 in. Adjustable PVC Elbow in White allows you to connect two 1-1/4" Schedule 40 Size PVC pipes at two points to create multiple adjustable angles. The range of joints you can make i...