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FORMUFIT was derived from the basis that building something should be simple, fun and easy. We were frustrated with the complexity of more common building materials available on the market.  We wanted to build with something different, lightweight, modular, readily available, inexpensive and didn’t require a lot of tools.

We discovered PVC in the plumbing aisle of our local home center.  It was the ideal material for us to use and sought injection molding professionals and extrusion specialists to create with the most diverse and expansive set of PVC fittings, pipe and accessories - designed not for plumbing - but just for building stuff.

At its core, building with PVC pipe is has no intimidation factor, and can be used by anyone, to create solutions that their imagination yearns to make.  It has extreme durability if manufactured as a high quality product, like every single one of our FORMUFIT products.  It allows our customers to make fun, functional and exceptionally well-crafted products in a simplified manner than anyone can use.

Slowly building our product line, we’ve introduced PVC fitting products no one had ever imagined.  Bright colors, clear solutions, engineered plastics and unique connectors that could only come from ingenuity and a love of creative building. 

We sold our first PVC fitting online in 2008 from a Kansas City basement and we’ve been sharing our products with the world ever since. 

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