How to Use: PVC Fishmouth Adapter

To connect a PVC Fishmouth Adapter to PVC pipe:

Align fishmouth to PVC pipe

1. Align where you want the PVC Fishmouth Adapter to connect on your PVC structure.

Insert Screw into PVC Fishmouth

2. Using a driver or power screwdriver, insert a self-tapping screw into the back of the PVC Fishmouth and into the pipe.  If need be you can apply PVC cement to the face of the Fishmouth for added stability.

Connect perpendicular PVC pipe

3. Connect the second PVC pipe to the back side of the Fishmouth Adapter.  PVC cement is recommended to connect these two items together.

Check for stability

4. Push the second PVC pipe all the way in until it is flush with the Fishmouth.  Check for stability.


While friction alone should keep the internal element of the fishmouth attached, use PVC cement for a completely secure connection.

For additional information, please see our PVC Assembly Guide.