1" External Clear PVC Flat End Cap - Furniture Grade

Customer Questions & Answers

  • 1" furniture grade clear PVC external end cap" Product Compatibility states that it has an outside diameter of 1.315" (inside diameter of about 1"). Product specifications shows outside diameter of 1.6". Which is correct or are they different products?

    The Product Compatibility provides the compatible pipe outside diameter, whearas the Product Specifications provide the physical dimensions of the actual product.  This product has an outside diameter of 1.6", and the interior fits over a 1" PVC pipe, which has a diameter of 1.315".

Product Instructions

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Product Description

FORMUFIT 1 in. Clear Structural Grade PVC flat-top caps fit over the end of PVC pipe, leaving a slightly raised, clear flat end. All PVC End Caps have a smooth even surface on the top, giving a stable foundation to any project. Their clean appearance gives a finished and professional look to projects and applications.

  • Fits externally over 1" Size PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 1-5/16" (1.315").
  • Provides a clean, clear end to cut or open PVC pipe
  • Adds stability and uniformity, ideal for when PVC pipe cuts are uneven
  • Tapered edges wont grab or snag and provides a professional appearance
  • External connection to pipe ends
  • Clear, marking-free and embossment-free surface
  • Tapered socket transitions smoothly to the pipe
  • Impact proof; 5x more durable than plumbing grade fittings
  • UV-resistance for indirect sunlight and fluorescent lighting.
  • 1 in. Size PVC is perfect for medium PVC projects

Product Features

Connection Points

Impact Resistant

Increased Strength

UV Resistant

Made in USA

Product Compatibility

1 pipe dimension

This product will fit 1" Size PVC pipe, which has an outside diameter of 1.315" (1-5/16") and an inside diameter of approximately 1". See our PVC 101 section for more info.

This product is not compatible with CPVC or Copper Tube Size (CTS) pipe.

Product Specifications

1/2 in. External Flat Cap TSD

View all of they physical dimensions of this product by downloading the Technical Specifications document in PDF format.


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