DIY PVC Pipe Art Cart

DIY PVC Pipe Art Cart

Transporting artwork can be difficult and hair raising as attested by Randy Jackson, a photographer with Randy Jackson Images and author of the Random Thoughts of a Photographer Artist blog.

Randy decided he needed a cart of some type to transport his photography artwork, so he scoured existing solutions but couldn't find one that quite fit into is vehicle, but also provided any easy-to-roll method to move it, once outside.

Randy used 3/4 in. PVC pipe from Home Depot, along with 3/4 in. 3-Way PVC Elbows and 3/4 in. 4-Way PVC Tee Fittings to produce a cage sturdy enough to hold and house his artwork during transport. He then attached the 3/4 in. cage to a plywood base using 1 in. Table Caps (via a plumbing-grade reducer).

Once assembled, Randy attached casters to the bottom of the board to make it mobile and to take his art safely and securely wherever it needed to go.

You can see more about the DIY Art Cart on Randy’s blog : Random Thoughts of a Photographer Artist.

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