Finally, a pipe clamping solution available in Furniture Grade PVC.

Connect netting, canvas, tarps, cloth or other types of fabrics and materials to pipe structures in a snap.

FORMUFIT PipeClamps are a new and easy solution to attaching materials to pipe structures. From greenhouses to playhouses, you can quickly cover you PVC or steel pipe structure without putting holes in or damaging your material.
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Easy On, Easy Off

PipeClamps are designed to easily go over pipe and snap into place. Simply line up and lay your material over your pipe structure, line up the clamp over the material and pipe, then press and snap into place.

Best of all, they are just as easily removed so you can disassemble or reposition your material or pipe.

Connect More than Just PVC Pipe

PipeClamps aren’t just for PVC pipe. They will also work with tube materials such as EMT conduit, iron pipe, wooden dowels and a host of other pipes.  View the chart below to see what size PipeClamp will fit each tube:

  • 1" Size PipeClamp fits: | 1-1/4" Size PipeClamp fits:
  • 1" Size PVC Pipe | 1-1/4" Size PVC Pipe
  • 1" Size PVC Conduit (Gray) | 1-1/4" Size PVC Conduit (Gray)
  • 1" Size ABS Pipe (Black) | 1-1/4" Size PVC Pipe (Black)
  • 1" Size Iron Pipe (Black) | 1-1/4" Size Iron Pipe (Black)
  • 1" Size Galvanized Pipe | 1-1/4" Size Galvanized Pipe
  • 1-1/4" Size EMT Conduit | 1-1/2" EMT Conduit
  • 1-1/4" Wood Dowel | 1-1/2" Wood Dowel
  • 1-1/4" Poly/Acrylic Tube | 1-1/2" Poly/Acrylic Tube