How to Bend PVC Pipe Easily with Heated Sand

How to Bend PVC Pipe Easily with Heated Sand 0

Linn, a maker and the proprietor of the YouTube Channel Darbin Orvar provides amazing tips and tricks on how to work on a varying number of projects from electronics to woodworking, using step-by-step videos made in her shop.

In one video Linn recently posted, she shows us how to bend PVC pipe easily using only heated sand and a little duct tape.  This video was a second place award winner for the Instructables 2017 PVC Contest.

In order to heat the pipe without kinking, she’ll need to add sand to the inside of the pipe.  This fills the pipe and provides resistance so that the pipe does not kink.  She places duct tape over the end of the pipe to block the sand from leaking out.  She then measures the amount of sand needed for the particular pipe segment she wants to bend.

This sand is put into a (sacrificial) pan and heated on a burner until hot, then put back into the pipe.  After a short period of time, the pipe heats up and Linn then bends the pipe using a shaping jig she created.  The shaping jig allows her to get the curve she needs.

This method can be a bit more challenging for larger diameter pipe, such as 1-1/4” and up, but is still a great solution for smaller diameter pipe such as 1/2” and 3/4”.

You can see Linn’s YouTube video directly here:

Also, check out her prize-winning Instructable here, as well as her website with more information on Linn and her projects.

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Building a Phone/Tablet Stand from PVC

Building a Phone/Tablet Stand from PVC 0

We’re introducing a new PVC plan that shows you how to build a tablet stand with PVC pipe and fittings. Simple to make, with just a few PVC parts, this stand is inexpensive and economical to make.
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New!  FORMUFIT 1 in. Adjustable PVC Elbows.

New! FORMUFIT 1 in. Adjustable PVC Elbows. 1

We’ve expanded our easy-to-use Adjustable PVC elbows to the 1” PVC Size! Announcing our 1” Internal Adjustable PVC Elbow, which connects two segments of 1” Schedule 40 PVC pipe at any angle between 90 degree and 270 degrees. Use these in combination with our 1” 3-Way and 4-Way PVC Fittings to create amazing PVC assemblies and structures.

The internal fit of this adjustable joint holds the pipe segments together strongly, but PVC cement is recommended for a sturdy and heavy duty connection between pipe and adjustable connector.

1” PVC Adjustable Joints are now in stock and available on in both White and Black.

Shop All Adjustable Fittings
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PVC Gingerbread Playhouse for a Candyland Themed Party

PVC Gingerbread Playhouse for a Candyland Themed Party 0

PVC Gingerbread PlayhouseFORMUFIT provides a great variety and selection of ready-made plans for so many different projects (and continues to work towards creating more). Bur nothing pleases the staff more when someone takes what is already there, and steps it up a notch to make it their own

Case in point: Trista McSwain, who runs the Pretty Please & Popcorn blog which focuses on creative projects for the home, had a conundrum. Her daughter was soon to be celebrating her 6th birthday and Trista wanted to make it a memorable one. The birthday party was to have a Candyland theme, so Trista and her husband Joe decided they wanted to build a special gingerbread house for her. But where to begin?

Trista had been frantically searching for plans to build the house, but no one else offered solid plans that were sturdy enough to hold the walls or her “graham cracker roof” she was envisioning. But she found exactly what she was looking for when she came across the FORMUFIT website and its existing plans for the Large Kid’s Playhouse.

Trista ordered the parts directly from our website and was not only impressed with how affordable the parts were, but also how quickly they were shipped directly to her door.

Once the parts arrived, Trista and Joe set to work following the Large Kid’s Playhouse plans to get started. They used hardboard wall panels for the walls and roof. They found it quite helpful to screw each pipe to its fitting on the inside, so when they screwed the interior and exterior walls of the house they were not hitting screw heads accidentally (a time saver for them in the long run).

To complete the gingerbread house, they used white caulk for icing around the windows and creases, which also did double duty to cover up any mistakes.  Most notably, they used actual graham crackers for the roof, glued on one by one, just like an actual gingerbread house.  With the power of hot glue, they were able to complete their project on time for the birthday party.

And as you can see in the pictures, they did an amazing job! And voila, the birthday party was a success! Trista also noted that FORMUFIT’s products provided such a sturdy and durable frame that they could have modified the building materials to make it more of an outdoor playhouse.

We here at FORMUFIT thanks the McSwain family for sharing their story with everyone, and we are continuously pleased and surprised with how our customers take our existing plans further than even we could have imagined! Be sure to check out not only the Large Kid’s PVC Playhouse plans they used, but also take advantage of the many free PVC plans and projects that we have to offer!

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Thinwall PVC Pipe for Telescoping Pipe Projects

Thinwall PVC Pipe for Telescoping Pipe Projects 1

One of the real issues with Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) PVC pipe is that it was never designed to nest, or fit inside of each other. This bums a lot of people out because they usually want to have a larger size to telescope over a smaller size. Since all of the standard FORMUFIT pipe is Schedule 40 and follows NPS rules, it has the same issue.

Right now you can only telescpope or nest four sizes currently: 1” into 1-1/4” Sch 40 and 1-1/2” into 2” Sch 40. Thats not much of an option.

To remedy this, FORMUFIT is now offering Thinwall PVC Pipe in three different sizes: 3/4” Thinwall PVC Pipe, which will accept 1/2” PVC pipe. 1” Thinwall PVC Pipe, which will accept 3/4” PVC pipe. 1-1/2” Thinwall PVC Pipe, which will accept 1-1/4” PVC Pipe.

Thinwall pipe maintains the same outside diameter of the same PVC pipe size, but has a larger bore, or opening inside of the pipe. This larger bore is big enough to accept other PVC pipe sizes inside of it. And since it's from FORMUFIT it's extruded from the same Furniture Grade PVC formula as all of our other PVC products, with the UV protection and increased strength that has is critical to your project needs.

Using our Schedule 40 PVC pipe in concert with the unique thin wall PVC pipe segments, you can create telescoping pipe segments from our 1/2” Size up to our 2” Size. See more information on our Telescoping Pipe Sizes Guide and view all of our Thinwall PVC Pipe here.

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Create a PVC Misting Station to Easily Cool Off!

Create a PVC Misting Station to Easily Cool Off! 0

Its hot.  Really hot.  

What better way to cool down that with a cool mist of water?PVC water mister

Enter our PVC Misting Station, it’s a fairly simple structure built from 3/4” PVC pipe, along with several PVC fittings and few items from the hardware store.  It shoots a fine mist of water out of landscaping jets, which is absolutely perfect for hot summer days.

Misting is a much better way to stay cool outdoors, especially if you don't want to get wet. It provides just enough cooling moisture to keep your temperature down, but not too much to soak you. This mister can also be used to make a 'kid wash' with one placed on either side of the sidewalk that kids can right their bikes, big-wheels and toys cars through

The Build

Here is how it’s built:

irrigation water jetsThe base of the unit is a 3/4” 4-Way PVC Tee, with three, 12" segments , two of them capped with external end caps, and the third capped with a 3/4” PVC pipe hose adapter, which is available from most hardware stores.  These connect inside of 3/4" PVC pipe directly and can be used to attach a standard garden hose to your PVC structure.

The riser, the long ‘neck’ of the unit, is a 28” segment of PVC pipe that is inserted into the top of the base and is attached to another 12” segment by a 45 degree elbow.

PVC plan water misterThe top of the unit is two 12" pieces of PVC pipe attached together with a PVC Tee, and capped with end caps.  1/4” holes were drilled into the top of the pipes, and then landscape-misting jets were screwed into each hole.  Landscaping jets are also found at your local home-improvement center, usually in the sprinkler and irrigation section of the store.

Everything must be assembled using PVC cement.  This is critical, as the pressure from garden hoses will cause to pieces to pop apart once the water is turned on.

The whole unit can be placed behind the seat of an outdoor patio couch or sofa, to cool of guests or loungers, or can be set into the yard for the kids to run through to cool them off.

It uses an extremely small amount of water, and since there is no regulator built into the unit, it is recommended to keep the amount of water pressure on the Misting Station to a low level, almost a trickle.

This is the first PVC project to use our new 'exploded plans' design.  Simply gather the parts you need from our Plans page, and use the one-page, simple exploded plan to assemble.

Check out the exploded diagram available below, or from our PVC plans page.   A SketchUp file is also available for download.

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