PVC Monkey Hut for Burning Man

PVC Monkey Hut for Burning Man 0

Making a pilgrimage to an artistic festival in the middle of a desert can be an exciting yet, harrowing experience. But to do the same while being responsible for shelter needs for 10 other people provides a whole unique set of challenges. Luckily, Celeste (a.k.a ‘Danger is my middle name’) with Instructables saw fit to utilize our PVC furniture grade pipe connectors to do just that.

Night on the Playa in a PVC Tent
Night on the Playa

Celeste was planning her trip to the famed Burning Man festival and for the first time that year, was a co-director of a camp for ten others, many of whom were going for the first time. She needed to be sure that the camp’s temporary shelter needs were met…not only so shade could be provided, but also to build a structure that could be easily constructed, taken down, stand up to Black Rock’s high winds, have enough room to fit everyone, and be able to be constructed by only 2 people. No tall order by any means!

Quonset Hut PVC Assembly

They were able to get the job done building a Monkey Hut (based off an idea originally produced by ‘Mr. Lovemonkey’) utilizing FORMFIT’s 1-1/2" PVC Tees,  our 1-1/2" PVC Cross, and our 1-1/4” Furniture Pipe.

Construction had to be simple and quick, as once on the playa, providing shade is critical to your group.  Rather than construct using PVC cement or screws, they opted to increase the side of the fittings over the pipe, and use duct tape to create a snug, tight fit into each fitting from the smaller pipe.  These were simply pressed into place and tension held them tight.

PVC Duct Tape Construction

Due to its modular structure capabilities, the tents could be as long as they wanted, but in the end it was decided to build two 20’ tents: one for fellow camp-goers to set their tents under, and another for a common area for hanging out and cooking. 

Tailoring to their own ends, Celeste was gracious enough to provide the plans and materials needed for the hut construction on her own Instructables post here. She does state that they could have reinforced the connections in a more permanent manner but remember that at Burning Man the idea is to have something that could be quickly built and taken down without leaving a trace that anyone was ever there.


In the end the structure held up to all ten days of intense winds and provided great shade!  Hats off to this Celeste for her own version of this ingenious idea and to sharing it with the Instructables community!

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Building a Practice PVC Taiko Drum

Building a Practice PVC Taiko Drum 0

With its roots reaching back as far as 6th century Japan, the taiko drum has grown into use throughout the globe and can be seen widely used in many ensembles. Taiko drums are basically a Japanese percussion instrument derived from “wadaiko” translated as “Japanese drums” and the practice of playing them has transformed into a worldwide art form. The methods to go about making these drums are varied but sometimes it can take years for the drum and its support to be built! Luckily, one enterprising individual from Pittsburgh PA has found an easy and quick way to make one for practice purposes, using our very own FORMUFIT products.

Chung Wan Choi is so passionate about his PVC Taiko drums that he not only constructs them but has created his popular Facebook page DIY Taiko based on it. Using FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC Pipe and Fittings, Chung made a collapsible taiko drum that could not only be filed away for convenient storage, but during play could be converted into two different positions popular to so many taiko artists. Players can use Chung’s PVC taiko stand in the traditional “Naname” (slanted) mode, or in in “Shime/Beta” mode with a slightly tilted or upright style. Chung’s drawing of his PVC Practice Taiko shows these different positions here as well as its ability to collapse to take up only as much space as 1-2 folding chairs:

DIY PVC Taiko Drum

Chung personally chooses and endorses FORMUFIT products for the construction of these taiko practice drums due to the quality of our fittings, their ability to remain fit and secure throughout aggressive use, and the fact that they look attractive compared to other PVC piping and fittings available.

Both his Facebook page and his official site here go into great detail about how these are constructed. Chung particularly likes to buy the parts in bulk from Home Depot so that he can take advantage of their free shipping options.

Chung is so thrilled with how FORMUFIT products have fit into his musical art so much that he has even expanded his constructions to include a practice Odaiko stand!

The end result is a beautiful and practical musical instrument that can be used in live performance as well as for practice, with the ability to collapse for easy travel and storage.

But don’t just take our word for it….see and hear the results for yourself here below:

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Construct A PVC Computer Workstation

Construct A PVC Computer Workstation 0

As many can attest to, maximizing the space in our home and office is crucial. Space can be at a premium and as needs change, so can our space requirements. One FORMUFIT customer found himself in a predicament where he needed to expand his computer storage and work area using existing furniture. In his prior residence, the setup he was dealing with was fine as it was a smaller space. But when he changed residences and his needs changed as well, he needed to come up with a solution.

Ray, who runs the Joyful Turtle blog, detailed in a blog post that he needed a larger computer workstation that could be built indoors due to the cold weather, could be taken apart and reassembled as needed…yet big enough and sturdy enough to hold all his equipment. To that end, he decided to build his own computer workstation utilizing FORMUFIT products.

As seen in the photos, Ray constructed his framework with a left and right tower along with a central support connector in the middle for the keyboard and desk space area. Along with other materials that Ray lists in his blog post, he was able to purchase 3/4" FORMUFIT PVC piping and connectors for his needs.

PVC Workstation Frame

In addition to the desk frame, he also constructed a light bar that mounted above the desk to customize lighting for his computer use.

NOTE: Although Ray originally painted the PVC piping a different color, this task was in fact not needed due to the various colors that FORMUFIT already offers for their products.

PVC Computer Workstation

The end result was an entirely transformed work desk suitable for all of Ray’s needs not only in the present, but as he stated “for years to come”. The design was so well received that he actually had offers from friends to construct their desks for him!

Recently Ray provided an update where he stated he moved to another residence, and that the desk came apart easily and was able to be reassembled at his new place without effort. To get some more insight on Ray’s project and how he went about doing it, you can check out his article here!

PVC Workstation Support

PVC Computer Desk Final

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Organize & Store Gift Wrap using PVC Pipe & Fittings

Organize & Store Gift Wrap using PVC Pipe & Fittings 0

As the holiday season switches into full overdrive, it seems as if things tend to get more chaotic and any chance to make this time of year a bit more ordered is welcomed greatly. One family of FORMUFIT customers took it upon themselves to use our furniture grade PVC fittings to make their lives a little easier (and less cluttered).

PVC Pipe Gift Wrap Storage

Melissa, along with her husband Ken, reside in Alexandria, Virginia and run a captivating and informative blog “Super NoVA Wife” that covers many topics including DIY projects at home, technology and financial advice and life in general. For one such challenge, Melissa and Ken utilized our products to design a solution for gift wrap storage that was accessible, could store easily and would be simple to create. Most gift wrap storage solutions are shaped in such a way that they are difficult to store in a closet or if it’s made to fit under a bed, can only hold so many gift wrap rolls.

That’s where the Super NoVA Wife and FORMUFIT collaboration comes in! They were able to create a solution using parts obtained from both Home Depot and from FORMUFIT directly.


As you can see, they created this particular holder with a focus for easy storage behind the headboard of their bed. Now they can retrieve and store all the holiday wrap they need at a moment’s notice but can also take advantage of this same storage for birthday gift wrap and other events throughout the year.

PVC Pipe Storage

Melissa has a particular post on her blog outlining step-by-step how they went about building this as well as the parts needed to complete the project, including our 1/2” 3-way PVC Elbow Fittings. The instructions are easy to follow and include plenty of pictures to guide you along the way. They also note that if the idea of cutting your own piping is daunting, then places like Home Depot and Lowes are able to do just that for you).

PVC Present Wrapping Station

Providing only the very best in PVC pipe, fittings and accessories, FORMUFIT provides the means to build easy solutions for just about anything you can imagine. Melissa and Ken at Super NoVA Blog provide a great example at this link on just how to take a little ingenuity, a few of our parts, and create something useful not only for the holiday season but that you can use throughout the year.


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Create a Spiral Dipole Antenna for Ham Radio

Create a Spiral Dipole Antenna for Ham Radio 0

Even in today’s digital era, the world of ham radio with its thousands of enthusiasts is still a large one. Matter of fact, it’s actually seeing a resurgence in the last few years. With all that digital devices offer today, there’s still something to be said for creating something by hand and being functional. And it can be fun to create something and use it to communicate with others across the globe, as one FORMUFIT customer in the San Francisco area has shown!

PVC Ham Radio Antennea

This particular customer was inspired by our plans for a three-point mast antenna holder and with a bit of engineering ingenuity, constructed his own spiral dipole antenna. Without getting too much on the technical side of things, a spiral dipole antenna is basically called as such as there are two poles that form the antenna, with a wire spiral strung in a particular fashion around the two poles. This creates a very powerful yet inexpensive and compact HF radio antenna that is popular with so many ham radio operators. Plus, by using our furniture grade PVC piping and fittings, the result is a construction that is also lightweight and durable.

To many, the idea of constructing such an antenna may seem like a daunting task, but this particular customer outlines his plans and parts along with step-by-step instructions on his page here. Though he gets into great technical detail on that page, you’ll find the parts list and instructions for building the antenna to be very straightforward. The antenna is compact enough to fit on his apartment patio, yet powerful enough to communicate with ham radio operators as far away as Australia!

Spiral Dipole PVC Antenna

By utilizing FORMUFIT furniture grade PVC piping, our plans for the three-point mast antenna holder and taking it a step further with some engineering know-how, this California customer shows that the options for using our products are absolutely limitless!

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Build Your Pet The Best Training Solutions

Build Your Pet The Best Training Solutions 0

When it comes to training dogs for dog shows, it’s important to have equipment available for your dog that not only allows them maximum training benefits but also to be quality-made without impacting your wallet. There are several aspects to each dog show, and making sure you’re prepared from a training perspective is key. Typically, though, the items needed to properly train dogs can end up costing a fortune. Sometimes, it is easier and more fiscally responsible to build training equipment yourself.

By using FORMUFIT PVC piping and fittings, you can build your own training equipment for your dog! It’s easier than you might think and it's is much more cost-effective. You’ll find as with all our PVC plans (including our pet section) that all include a free Adobe Acrobat PDF document and SketchUp files for download. By utilizing these easy, affordable, and quality solutions, you’ll have a great way to take advantage of all the different selections we have to offer vs spending outside of your budget on lesser quality solutions.

Maui Dog Agility Jump

Many of our faithful customers take advantage of what we offer and even sometimes take it a step further. For instance, Maui Dog Agility (one of the top dog training facilities in Hawaii) favors our PVC Dog Agility Hurdle Jump plan for their pet training uses. Because Hawaii can be expensive to ship to, they’re able to take advantage of our partnership with Walmart to get the parts needed for the plans with minimal effort and low shipping costs!

Dog Agility Wing Jump PVC

Another customer used their own ingenuity and built their own dog agility wing jump as you can see in the picture above.  Agility wing jumps are a particularly popular category for dog training, and are significantly better for the dog’s health and safety than wingless jumps. Unfortunately, cheap wing jumps are known for falling apart or being ridiculously difficult to put together in the first place, and quality ones will find you in the area of at least $200 and up. This customer was able to take what he did here and built 3 of these for about $75 USD. As he resides in Canada and was able to find our physical products through Amazon, it was a bargain all around! Find out more details on how these were made here!

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