Create a PVC Misting Station to Easily Cool Off!

Create a PVC Misting Station to Easily Cool Off! 0

Its hot.  Really hot.  

What better way to cool down that with a cool mist of water?PVC water mister

Enter our PVC Misting Station, it’s a fairly simple structure built from 3/4” PVC pipe, along with several PVC fittings and few items from the hardware store.  It shoots a fine mist of water out of landscaping jets, which is absolutely perfect for hot summer days.

Misting is a much better way to stay cool outdoors, especially if you don't want to get wet. It provides just enough cooling moisture to keep your temperature down, but not too much to soak you. This mister can also be used to make a 'kid wash' with one placed on either side of the sidewalk that kids can right their bikes, big-wheels and toys cars through

The Build

Here is how it’s built:

irrigation water jetsThe base of the unit is a 3/4” 4-Way PVC Tee, with three, 12” foot segments , two of them capped with external end caps, and the third capped with a 3/4” PVC pipe hose adapter, which is available from most hardware stores.  These connect inside of 3/4" PVC pipe directly and can be used to attach a standard garden hose to your PVC structure.

The riser, the long ‘neck’ of the unit, is a 28” segment of PVC pipe that is inserted into the top of the base and is attached to another 12” segment by a 45 degree elbow.

PVC plan water misterThe top of the unit is two 12’ pieces of PVC pipe attached together with a PVC Tee, and capped with end caps.  1/4” holes were drilled into the top of the pipes, and then landscape-misting jets were screwed into each hole.  Landscaping jets are also found at your local home-improvement center, usually in the sprinkler and irrigation section of the store.

Everything must be assembled using PVC cement.  This is critical, as the pressure from garden hoses will cause to pieces to pop apart once the water is turned on.

The whole unit can be placed behind the seat of an outdoor patio couch or sofa, to cool of guests or loungers, or can be set into the yard for the kids to run through to cool them off.

It uses an extremely small amount of water, and since there is no regulator built into the unit, it is recommended to keep the amount of water pressure on the Misting Station to a low level, almost a trickle.

This is the first PVC project to use our new 'exploded plans' design.  Simply gather the parts you need from our Plans page, and use the one-page, simple exploded plan to assemble.

Check out the exploded diagram available below, or from our PVC plans page.   A SketchUp file is also available for download.

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Self Storing PVC Light Box for Photography

Self Storing PVC Light Box for Photography 0

Light boxes come in handy when photographers wish to take a photo of something up close. Light boxes allows proper light diffusion and gives a uniform background to focus on the subject. Most professional light boxes can be very expensive and very heavy to transport. One of our FORMUFIT customers has taken it upon himself to create such a professional light box. One that is both inexpensive and light weight and easy to store.

This is the second PVC project that Ray of the Joyful Turtle blog has created using our FORMUFIT furniture grade PVC products. Ray built a PVC desk which we wrote a previous article on on blog, located here. Ray’s blog features recipes and he needed a setup to be able to photograph the finished dishes. After the success of his PVC desk efforts he went through a bit of trial and error before coming up with a final design. Ray developed an cheap 13” x 13” professional quality light box, sturdy and easy enough to travel with.

Ray ordered all the FORMUFIT parts he needed from Amazon as well as some other accessories like a pipe cutter and PVC cement. As he details in his blog post, Ray used his pipe cutter to provide quick and straight cuts to the 3/4” Schedule 40 PVC Pipe. This allowed him to have a snug fitting connection on the rotating pipe sections.

He had to get creative with a way to store the lights without detaching them. Ray was able to fasten the lights to the rotating PVC arms by removing the wire clip that the lights used. He then mounted a clip pin into the PVC cap of the light arms he added to the frame, and voila, as self storing light box!

To finish off his setup and provide much needed storage, he attached a large plastic storage unit and a small board to the bottom of the light box. This allowed the light box to sit atop the storage unit, providing for a good shooting height. It also allows Ray to store his supplies for the light box and other accessories.

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How To Build a DJ Booth Facade With PVC

How To Build a DJ Booth Facade With PVC 1

You’ve seen them at clubs, weddings, festivals, parties and the like. The DJ behind the large booth spinning your favorite tunes, setting the musical scene. For many aspiring DJs, it can become a lucrative career but can also be a costly one. Not only is there electronics to figure out, but also the need for a good first impression: The DJ Booth. Large booths needed for the DJ to do their work can be as high as thousands of dollars. Due to the ingenuity of one FORMUFIT customer’s PVC design, building a DJ booth facade is now very affordable and easy.

DJ Booth Made from PVC Pipe


Enter Skip Spoerke, a senior at Southern New Hampshire University. He needed a DJ booth that would allow for easy portability, and had to be sturdy and expandable. On top of that, it needed to look good and be affordable. Skip chose FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC products due to their superior quality and the black gloss finish he desired

Skip purchased several FORMUFIT parts to complete the task including the following:

Skip provides instructions on his Beyond Volume blog, including some ideas for extra accessories. The accessories include a large duffel bag for easy transport for the PVC pipe and fittings, a PVC pipe cutter, and some custom banners. The instructions detail how many parts you’ll need as well as the steps to complete the work.

In all, it cost Skip about $165 for the PVC pipe and fittings shipped from FORMUFIT. It was an another $60-$70 for accessories to complete the DJ booth. Given that he now has a sturdy, professional DJ booth at a fraction of a the normal cost, Skip designed himself a bargain.

Click here for Skip’s blog post and to get more information or download the instructions yourself

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PVC Storage for Jump Ropes & Hula Hoops

PVC Storage for Jump Ropes & Hula Hoops 0

PVC Jump Rope Holder

Hula hoops and jump ropes are a staple found in many PE departments across the country. Using them is a great way to have fun and keep fit at the same time, but the issue of how to store them arises. This also happens with smaller gyms and fitness instructors. But is a bigger problem with public schools where class after class has to use these items.

We found some FORMUFIT customers that saw fit to make their own solution using our PVC furniture grade products. One such customer spotted a PVC jump rope/hoop rack online that was not only of sub-par quality, but was very expensive. They desperately needed a solution to keep all of these items organized, as both the hula hoops and jump ropes are commonly used together.  They are also both extremely difficult to store without creating a jumbled mess.

They took the dimensions of the completed version to build their final product, but were able to incorporate FORMUFIT colored PVC fittings to spruce up the final design

To get started, they purchased the following parts directly from FORMUFIT:

They then purchased from other vendors the following extra materials:

  • (4) – “Off the shelf” diameter post casters that can be used to fit inside of our Caster Fitting Inserts
  • 33 ft. of Schedule 40 PVC Plumbing Pipe

After all the materials were purchased, the next step was to measure and cut the following sizes below using a chop saw.

  • 12 cuts of 8-1/4” - for short sides and middle base and 6 rack supports on top
  • 4 cuts of 12-1/4” - for long sides of base
  • 2 cuts of 12-1/2” - for top supports between racks
  • 3 cuts of 56” - for jump rope poles
  • 1 cut of 4-1/2” - for middle extension
  • 1 cut of 6-1/2” - for tallest extension

Once all the pieces were cut and fittings arranged, they then put the pieces together (you can reference the image above which is their finished product). They made sure all of the fittings were in place correctly before doing a final fit, then used PVC cement to secure the pipe and fittings together. They initially ran into some difficulty with inserting the casters, but once they found this tutorial on our FORMUFIT website they completed this last step easily.

End result: a safe, portable and tidy way to store all of your hoop and jump rope equipment, and done at the fraction of a cost for what other vendors offer.

For additional sports storage solutions, be sure to check out our PVC Athletic Ball Storage Cart and our PVC Storage Bin Organizer, both with free plans you can download.


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Outdoor PVC “Catio” for Cat Play & Protection

Outdoor PVC “Catio” for Cat Play & Protection 1

At FORMUFIT, we’ve showcased great examples of how our customers are creating their own PVC projects for themselves, their families and their pets. And where their pets are concerned, that dedication extends not only to our dog friends, but our cat friends as well.

The Sager family, located just outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana had a conundrum: they were locally known for rescuing cats from the local shelter to care for their own, but also wanted to allow their cats to experience the great outdoors. However, they also needed to be able to give them room to exercise or lounge as needed, protect them from the elements and predators, and allow easy access in and out of the house. 

PVC Catio Cat Condo

The Sager's decided to take matters into their own paws: Using our structural grade PVC pipe and fittings, they constructed an outdoor “catio” which consisted of several cuts of FORMUFIT PVC pipe of varying lengths widths and heights. For fittings, they utilized our 5-Way PVC CrossStandard PVC Cross and 4-Way PVC Tees. The Sagers chose FORMUFIT for their durability, the ease with ordering the parts from our warehouse directly to their door, and for the choices of various types of PVC pipe and fittings available to easily construct their masterpiece.

The cat patio is made up of two different 'layers', the outer layer being the protective area against predators and jailbreaking cats, and the inner PVC layer being a constructed cat condo or lounging/play area.

PVC Cat Patio Outdoor

To finish off their catio, the Sagers used carpet to wrap some of the PVC pipe for makeshift scratch posts, added wood and rubber mat platforms, as well as several cat crawl tunnels of varying colors to attract the cats to play. Reinforced wire fencing with a walkthrough gate was added for easy access to the catio while providing a walkthrough for the Sagers between the house and the yard. As you’ll note in the pictures, the catio was constructed around the back corner of the house so that cats could enter and exit not only from the back door but also from one of the windows at their leisure.

Cat Patio Entrance

You can find more images of the catio on the Sagers’ official Facebook page here. Note that while they have more detail on the construction of the catio on their site, the configuration will vary greatly depending upon each habitat, number of cats, and the like, should you choose to build your own.

Catio Sangers

As these satisfied felines will attest to, this catio is the cat’s meow.

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PVC Puppy Play Gym for Cognitive Development

PVC Puppy Play Gym for Cognitive Development 1

Time and again, we’ve seen examples of how our FORMUFIT structural grade PVC products have benefitted people from all sorts of different areas and walks of life. And as we’ve even seen in past articles, our customers also extend those benefits into the animal kingdom as well.  One customer in particular utilizes our products to jumpstart cognitive development in newborn puppies!

PVC Puppy Play Gym

The Bearden Pack” is a blog run by the Bearden family out of Beaumont, California. They specialize in the breeding of champion lines of American and English Golden Retrievers, and take what they do very seriously. Using FORMUFIT products, they built themselves a PVC puppy play gym that stimulates cognition and social skills in their puppies in as early as 4 weeks.

Even though dogs are technically color-blind, the Beardens felt it best to utilize the various color options for our FORMUFIT 1/2” Furniture Grade PVC pipe. This is so that the puppies can still distinguish between light and dark shades, which in turn stimulates neural activity.

The Beardens decided to use FORMUFIT products not only because of the availability of color PVC pipe, but also because of its sturdiness and ability to utilize so many of the different fittings available to create different shapes and angles.

PVC Puppy Gym - DIY

For this particular PVC project, the Beardens included the following below to construct their PVC puppy play gym for their golden retrievers:

They also included a few other selections of length for their PVC pipe to create different configurations, as well as various toys for motor skill development. Though they do share these details on their site, they state that the lengths and setup would vary depending upon the size and breeds of puppies that were to use them.

As seen here, this project has yielded a few fans of this setup for sure!


PVC puppies tools

PVC Gym for Puppies

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