PVC Display for a Teal Pumpkin Class Party

PVC Display for a Teal Pumpkin Class Party 0

Jessica Roe, curator of the Everyday Party Magazine blog, has put together a Teal Pumpkin Halloween Table project, using FORMUFIT PVC pipe and fittings.
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Six PVC Gardening Ideas from our Customers

Six PVC Gardening Ideas from our Customers 0

Garden season is in full swing, and what better way to find out some great gardening ideas from our customers themselves?   Here are six solutions that our customers have put in place for their outdoor hobbies using FORMUFIT Furniture PVC fittings and pipe:

PVC Netting Cages

PVC Netting Cage

"The PVC elbows from Formufit arrived on time and in great shape. I used them to build netting cages to cover my veggies that are constantly being attacked by deer, marmots, and quails. I first saw these cages in the Tucson Botanical Gardens, and found that they work great up here in British Columbia as well. This is the first year I have been able to grow carrots and lettuce outside the greenhouse.

The PVC elbows are well made, and fit together with the 1" pipe perfectly."

-Beverly B.

PVC Chicken Coop

PVC Chicken Coop

"Formufit PVC let us build a perfectly sized chicken enclosure around our henhouse. It was much less expensive than fencing and we can always move and adjust it later on."

- Roger L.

PVC Garden Covering

PVC Garden Covering

"We used the FORMUFIT elbows to put together a covering for a garden. It worked perfectly!

PVC pipe, elbows and chicken wire - very clever way to keep those pesky rabbits out of the garden."

- Tammy

PVC Tomato Plant Cages

Tomato Plant Cages

"We had a DIY project of 4 three-story 12x4 foot cages for supporting tomato plants in our garden.

At first glance the price of the connectors needed looked prohibitive - but using cheaper plumbing connectors turned to be the same price with much more complicated design and a weaker structure. In addition the use of these premium connectors permitted standardization of pipe pieces needed for entire project and saved a boatload of time both in short run (making the cages) and for the future (disassembly, storage and installation next year)."

- Sam H.

PVC Fountain Base

PVC Fountain

"This PVC works perfectly for my fountain, where I needed a base with a top connection for the spray part. I could find nothing else like it."

- Ganelle T.

PVC Garden Cart

PVC Garden Cart

Just like Tinkertoy's you are only limited by imagination. I have used these 3-bys and 4-bys for planters, stands, mountings and frames. They are well made, strong and reusable (if you don't glue them)

-Tristan G.

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ProTip:  Using Dome Caps inside of Fittings

ProTip: Using Dome Caps inside of Fittings 0

Internal Dome Cap CrookedWe get asked by customers (a lot!) if you can block the socket/port of a fitting with an internal dome cap.  Trying to do this out of the box would result in the cap falling down inside of the fitting and getting stuck; often times crooked, and not where you want it.

Simply by inserting a small segment of PVC pipe inside of the fitting before applying the Internal Dome Cap will put the dome cap exactly where you need it and block off the port nicely.

The first thing you need to know is the insertion depth of each FORMUFIT fitting.  The insertion depth is the section of the fitting that the pipe goes into, or accepts.  The insertion depth of FORMUFIT fittings is the same across each size, with exceptions for External Caps and Table Caps:

 PVC Pipe/Fitting Size Fitting Insertion Depth
1/2" 0.75 in.
3/4" 1 in.
1" 1.25 in.
1-1/4" 1.50 in.
1-1/2" 1.50 in.
2" 1.25 in.

*Insertion depth provided is for FORMUFIT products only.  Insertion depth will differ if using other manufacturer fittings, as FORMUFIT products have a longer socket length.

Dome Cap Parts for PVC fittingStep 1

To use the Internal Dome Cap inside of a fitting, simply select your PVC size from the chart above.  Next, using a hacksaw or plastic pipe cutter, cut a small segment of PVC pipe to the length shown in the right-hand column.   This will be used to attach the dome cap to.

Insert Dome Cap AssemblyInsert Dome Cap AssemblyStep 2

Attach the dome cap to the small pipe segment.  We recommend using PVC cement, as it will make sure that the Dome Cap is secure inside of the PVC pipe. Insert the entire pipe-and-dome-cap assembly into the fitting, tapping it into place.  If needed, apply PVC cement to this segment as well.  This will effectively block off that fitting socket and leave a smooth, domed top as well.


With this small addition, you can easily block off sockets of PVC fittings using dome caps. This is an excellent solution when you just want to use the PVC pipe sockets as 'stubs' or want to permanently seal an used port on a fitting.

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Beautiful PVC Furniture with Reclaimed Wood

Beautiful PVC Furniture with Reclaimed Wood 1

This week we are showcasing a handsome writing desk built by FORMUFIT customer Dwayne N. Dwayne built this desk using black furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings as well as some reclaimed wood from his warehouse.

Dwayne used 1-1/4” PVC pipe and fittings in Black to construct the frame, building in a section for two side shelves. The top of the desk is reclaimed wood that came from the deck of a retired warehouse cart. The shelves were constructed from wood from older, unused pallets. All of the wood was treated and stained to give a darker, warm appearance.  The desk is on display at Dwayne's shop, and is accented with wicker elements to give a rustic look.

PVC Pipe Desk

This is a great example of how Furniture Grade PVC pipe and fittings can be used to create an elegant piece of furniture, as well as an excellent showcase of how to reclaim perfectly good, weathered wood that would normally be thrown away or forgotten.

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Red PVC Slingshot Sunshade

Red PVC Slingshot Sunshade 1

The Polaris Slingshot is a ‘three-wheeled motorcycle’ with a twist of ultra-lightweight sports car/vehicle. The Slingshot has no doors, widows or roof and has a small windshield, which is only available as an option and doesn't come standard.

Slingshot owner and enthusiast Richard needed to create a roof to keep the sun off of him while cruising. Richard was desperate to find a solution to help with those sweltering three-minute stop lights, which can be rather brutal under the hot Florida sun.

Richard came up with an answer in the form of a PVC pipe frame with a canvas top to cover the passenger compartment. He first built a prototype out of off-the shelf products using Schedule 40 PVC pipe and standard fittings, but the exposure to intense UV rays would have caused the frame to yellow and become brittle and his angles and points of connect to the Slingshot were limited.

PVC Polaris Slingshot Sun Shade

Using red FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC pipe and fittings, Richard was not only able to match the bright red and glossy color of his Slingshot’s body, but was also able to construct a better design that mapped the angles of the Slingshot frame and where he could better connect the frame to the vehicle.

Once constructed and cemented together, Richard used marine twine and Sunbrella material to create the canvas top.

Slingshot Roof from PVC

You can view more on Richard’s creation for his Slingshot on the forums here.

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A Workshop Machine Table for Tooli(ng)

A Workshop Machine Table for Tooli(ng) 0

Dave at the The Tinker’s Workshop needed a purpose-built table for his recently purchased, Kickstarter-based Tooli Machine (, which is a CNC-style platform that is a combination plotter, airbrush, laser cutter/engraver and can even dispense icing, chocolate, paint, glue and more, and is considered the ultimate tool for the maker.

PVC Table Assembly

Dave wanted a table that was simple and lightweight and decided that PVC should be his material of choice. He used FORMUFIT 4-Way PVC Connectors in the 1-1/4” PVC Size along with Table Caps to attach the table top to the PVC frame.

PVC Table Cap Connection

Dave opted to use plumbing-grade PVC pipe for the construction and removed the lettering from the pipe using 180 grit sandpaper and then smoothed everything out with a follow-up run of 600 grit sandpaper.

Remove lettering from PVC pipe

To make his Tooli easily transportable, Dave employed FORMUFIT  Caster Fitting Inserts along with threaded casters, washers and a nut. These were assembled together hen pushed into the bottom of the 4-Way Tees to allow him to move his Tooli wherever it was needed in his shop.

Adding Caster Fittings Inserts

Dave created the table top from 3/4" thick, 6-inch wide pieces of Aspen, glued together with pipe clamps.  Dave created special ‘slots’ underneath the table top to accept some simple 16" x 32" x 6” plastic bins that can be used to hold materials and adjustment tools, which slide in and out like drawers.

Table Assembled Full PVC

To see more on how Dave constructed his table, you can view the step-by-step process on his blog.

To learn more about his new Tooli machine and to check out his other projects, you can follow The Tinker’s Workshop blog here at

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