PVC Pipe Size Guide

Need to verify your PVC Pipe Size?

If you need to verify what size PVC pipe you have or to figure out what size you want to use for your project, print our FORMUFIT PVC Size Guide and verify your PVC pipe size before placing an order with FORMUFIT. This will reduce the likelihood of having to return or exchange items due to incorrect size ordering or misunderstandings.

To use the guide, follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the FORMUFIT PVC Size Guide by clicking the Download PDF button to the right.
  2. Open the downloaded document in Adobe Reader (download) on a Windows PC, or using Preview on the Mac.
  3. Select File > Print, then do the following:
  • On a Windows PC, make sure that Page Size & Handling is set to Actual Size, then click Print.
  • On a Mac, make sure that Scale is set to 100%, then click Print.

Verify the Printed Size

Place a penny on the circle provided at the top of the Size Guide to verify that the guide is printed to the correct scale.

Once printed, you can use this guide by:

  • Hold up your already-purchased pipe to the pipe profiles on the size guide and determine the correct PVC size for your pipe.
  • Take the FORMUFIT PVC Size Guide to your hardware store or home center to verify that you purchase the proper PVC pipe size for your project.

Download this Guide

Download a PDF copy of this guide for offline reading and reference.


PVC Pipe Guide