Introducing FORMUFIT PVC PipeSleeves, a shrink tube solution

Introducing FORMUFIT PVC PipeSleeves, a shrink tube solution

One of the chief concerns that we receive is the cost of shipping our FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC pipe to both our residential and business customers. Since PVC pipe is dense, heavy and oversized, the cost of shipping can be quite high, and are usually limited to lengths no longer than 5-feet. To help remedy this, we've introduced a new product: FORMUFIT PipeSleeves.

How They Work

FORMUFIT PipeSleeves are a thin, colored, PVC heat-shrink tubing that is easily applied over plumbing-grade PVC pipe segments with a heat gun to wrap the pipe in color and cover most of the manufacturers markings. It matches the color and gloss of our Furniture Grade PVC fittings quite closely, and accommodates almost all budgets by allowing:

  • Customers to use FORMUFIT color PVC fittings with off-the-shelf plumbing-grade pipe, which is less expensive and readily available.
  • Customer to receive PipeSleeves along with their FORMUFIT Furniture Grade Color PVC fittings with practically no additional shipping charges.
  • Customers to use up to 10-foot lengths in their PVC projects by using off-the-shelf plumbing-grade PVC pipe along with FORMUFIT PipeSleeves, which come in prepackaged 10-foot lengths.

See our detailed PipeSleeves product page here.

PipeSleeve Colors and Sizes

PipeSleeves are currently available in the 1/2 in. through 2 in. PVC Sizes, in various colors:

See how to use PipeSleeves in your PVC project.


Obviously, with the less-expensive nature of PipeSleeves, there are a few limitations:

  • PipeSleeves are not a replacement for Furniture Grade PVC pipe, which is far more durable, strong and impact proof than plumbing-grade pipe, which PipeSleeves are designed to cover.
  • PipeSleeves are not UV resistant, which means that the color may fade within a year or so, therefore for long-term, outdoor projects, we recommend Furniture Grade PVC.
  • Since FORMUFIT PipeSleeves are a thin, layered product, it’s not ideal for high-traffic solutions, or projects that may be exposed to cutting or scratching, such as PVC dog beds.

Overall, PipeSleeves are an ideal solution for the budget conscious PVC project designer and builder, when you need the look of Furniture Grade PVC, without the cost and shipping charges.

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