All New FORMUFIT Clear

All New FORMUFIT Clear

Author FORMUFIT Staff

FORMUFIT Clear PVC PipeToday we’re excited to announce a new product line, Clear UV; a clear version of our existing Structural Grade PVC pipe and fittings in a transparent, durable, UV-resistant design.

From aquarium use, to clear irrigation solutions, to LED lighting applications, Clear UV can help augment your existing PVC structures with clear components or let develop completely clear designs, from top to bottom.

FORMUFIT Clear UV PVC pipe and fittings are extremely strong and durable, around 5x that of currently available plumbing clear pipe and fittings. That level of strength is normally only found in expensive acrylic pipes, which don’t conform to ASTM standards.

Clear UV also has the added advantage of ultraviolet (UV) resistance, a specification not found in many clear PVC options.  UV resistance lets you use the product in fluorescent and sunlight conditions without the concern of yellowing, darkening, glazing or becoming brittle, providing years of use and value.

FORMUFIT Clear 4-Way PVC TeeFORMUFIT Clear PVC products are exceedingly less expensive when compared to other plumbing-grade clear PVC products, especially those that carry UV inhibitors. Additionally, the Clear product line has our exclusive structural components, such as our  3-Way Elbow4-Way Tee and 5-Way Cross fittingsSlip TeesEnd Caps and more.

FORMUFIT Clear UV is free of markings and print, has a light blue tint, and is provided as select products in the 1/2 in. through 1-1/4 in. Schedule 40 PVC Sizes, and is available online today at


  • Has anyone tried to build a stand with castors for a horizontal mounted Red LED/NIR light therapy 1500 panel overhead system for a bed or reclining person in a bed for red light therapy treatment…there are many examples on the net of metal stands but some don’t support duo side by side panels because of weight issues.
    Most if not all will reach a real working distance of 24" about patient on a normal bed without requiring a not standard bed height.

    - robin
  • Do you have resellers for the formufit clear in London Ontario Canada?

    - Mr Aurelio Coelho

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