Affordable PVC Pipe Slat Bed

Affordable PVC Pipe Slat Bed

Author FORMUFIT Staff

PVC Pipe BedUser DafoeMomma over at, a site that provides furniture plans to its members, built a PVC Pipe Slat bed using Furniture Grade PVC Pipe and fittings from FORMUFIT.

DafoeMomma says “We fell in love with the look of this bed but at $600 it was out of our budget. The heavens opened and the angels sung when we found FORMUFIT furniture grade PVC. It even comes in different colors!”

She use used 1” Size PVC colored Furniture Grade PVC pipe (but recommends 1-1/4") and glued most of it together, leaving a section out of each of the headboard and footboard to allow room for teardown and transport. DafoeMomma used four 3-foot sections of PVC pipe in the center, along with two (2) 4-Way PVC Tees in the center and added two additional legs and caps to add more stability, then a standard pipe bed.

After the pipe bed structure was assembled and cemented, wood slats were then attached using split ring hangers to keep the slats attached to the pipe structure. 

The total cost for this project came to around $150 and they managed to save money by using recycled pallet boards for the mattress platform (slats).

PVC Pipe Bed FrameYou can seem more See more at: for a downloadable plan.

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