PVC Storage Bin Organizer

PVC Storage Bin Organizer

Author FORMUFIT Staff

Bin Rack PVC DIYIf you’ve been looking for a quick and easy storage solution for all those plastic storage bins in your house, our latest free PVC project is just what you’ve been seeking. Christmas and Halloween decorations, kids clothes, craft supplies, and more; all of it’s in the basement or garage sitting in those large plastic bins. Here’s the problem: they’re are piled on top of each other where you can’t get to them individually, so getting to one of them means pulling them all out.

The FORMUFIT PVC Bin Organizer uses 1-1/4 in. PVC pipe, 1-1/4 in  3-Way4-Way and 5-Way PVC fittings to let you stack all of your bins in a clean, organized grid formation, so you can sort the bins by color, contents or whatever method you choose.

The organizer was designed so that it has a narrow depth, so precious square footage is not lost in your garage or basement. At about 18-20” deep (depending upon bin depth), it sits along a side of back wall, so its out of the way. It’s also modular, so you can add additional ‘columns’ to the left or right of it, or a whole additional section, just by changing out some of the fittings on the ends.

The organizer is raised off the floor so in cases of light flooding everything will still be stable and untouched in the organizer. Since PVC can’t rust and doesn't accumulate mold, its perfect for damp basements and garages.

PVC RackBin requirements are at least 18” long, less than or equal to 16” in length, and 16” in height. We recommend no more than 75 lbs. per bin. All PVC pipe and fittings should be connected using PVC cement for a completely secure connection.

You can  download our full PVC plans with a parts list, as well as a cut sheet that shows how to cut PVC pipe efficiently from 10-foot stock directly here, or you can browse this plan as well as others in the FORMUFIT PVC Plans Library.

Bonus: You can replace the bin solution with MDF or plywood, cut to the dimensions below, that can be inserted to create a flat shelving unit instead, or use a combination of the two:

PVC Bonus Shelf


  • What size or sizes of bins can you use for the bin organizer?

    - darlene martin

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