Beautiful PVC Furniture with Reclaimed Wood

Beautiful PVC Furniture with Reclaimed Wood

Author FORMUFIT Staff

This week we are showcasing a handsome writing desk built by FORMUFIT customer Dwayne N. Dwayne built this desk using black furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings as well as some reclaimed wood from his warehouse.

Dwayne used 1-1/4” PVC pipe and fittings in Black to construct the frame, building in a section for two side shelves. The top of the desk is reclaimed wood that came from the deck of a retired warehouse cart. The shelves were constructed from wood from older, unused pallets. All of the wood was treated and stained to give a darker, warm appearance.  The desk is on display at Dwayne's shop, and is accented with wicker elements to give a rustic look.

PVC Pipe Desk

This is a great example of how Furniture Grade PVC pipe and fittings can be used to create an elegant piece of furniture, as well as an excellent showcase of how to reclaim perfectly good, weathered wood that would normally be thrown away or forgotten.


  • Could you share the parts list for the desk

    - Sonja
  • What is a list of all parts to make this desk

    - Judie
  • Beautiful! Very classy looking. Love it

    - Eeloie

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