Build a PVC Skateboard Storage Rack

Build a PVC Skateboard Storage Rack

Author FORMUFIT Staff

While Tony Hawk can still keep up in his middle-agedness, we however, haven't read an issue of Thrasher in three decades and haven't stepped on a board in the same number of years. At least not intentionally. Thus, those who have skateboarding teenagers need a way to keep our kids from killing us with unexpected rolling deathtraps appearing in the garage when we get home from our 9-5.

PVC Skateboard Storage Rack

Given that dilemma, we're introducing the FORMUFIT Skateboard Storage Rack plan, which stores up to five skateboards, nice and neat and out of the way, so no one (especially parents) twists an ankle or falls on their backside.

The Skateboard Rack is comprised entirely of 1" Size PVC pipe combined with FORMUFIT 1" PVC fittings to create a low-profile rack that easily allows skateboards to slip inside. Just insert a skateboard, which can be easily stored upside down, with the deck sitting upon one of the levels, and presto, no injured family members.

While we designed the initial base Skateboard Rack to be a floor model that sits on a garage floor, the rack can be easily mounted to a wall. Wall mounting can be accomplished using 1" PVC Table Caps integrated into the backside of the unit.  This is accomplished by replacing the four (4) 1" 3-Way Elbows with 1" 4-Way Tees and a small segment of 1" pipe. Wall mounting will put it up even higher, out of the way, and make it easier for our skateboarding friends to slip the boards in and out.

PVC Skateboard Storage Rack with Wall Mount
PVC Skateboard Rack with Table Cap Wall Mounts

The base Skateboard PVC Storage Rack measures 22" H x 15" D x 9" W and can always be customized by quickly changing the design to accept more or fewer boards.

Download the free PVC plan for the Skateboard Rack from the FORMUFIT PVC Plans Library, or click here to go directly to the project.  As always, check out our other free plans, and you can edit the SketchUp file to design your own.

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