PVC Gingerbread Playhouse for a Candyland Themed Party

PVC Gingerbread Playhouse for a Candyland Themed Party

Author FORMUFIT Staff

PVC Gingerbread PlayhouseFORMUFIT provides a great variety and selection of ready-made plans for so many different projects (and continues to work towards creating more). Bur nothing pleases the staff more when someone takes what is already there, and steps it up a notch to make it their own

Case in point: Trista McSwain, who runs the Pretty Please & Popcorn blog which focuses on creative projects for the home, had a conundrum. Her daughter was soon to be celebrating her 6th birthday and Trista wanted to make it a memorable one. The birthday party was to have a Candyland theme, so Trista and her husband Joe decided they wanted to build a special gingerbread house for her. But where to begin?

Trista had been frantically searching for plans to build the house, but no one else offered solid plans that were sturdy enough to hold the walls or her “graham cracker roof” she was envisioning. But she found exactly what she was looking for when she came across the FORMUFIT website and its existing plans for the Large Kid’s Playhouse.

Trista ordered the parts directly from our website and was not only impressed with how affordable the parts were, but also how quickly they were shipped directly to her door.

Once the parts arrived, Trista and Joe set to work following the Large Kid’s Playhouse plans to get started. They used hardboard wall panels for the walls and roof. They found it quite helpful to screw each pipe to its fitting on the inside, so when they screwed the interior and exterior walls of the house they were not hitting screw heads accidentally (a time saver for them in the long run).

To complete the gingerbread house, they used white caulk for icing around the windows and creases, which also did double duty to cover up any mistakes.  Most notably, they used actual graham crackers for the roof, glued on one by one, just like an actual gingerbread house.  With the power of hot glue, they were able to complete their project on time for the birthday party.

And as you can see in the pictures, they did an amazing job! And voila, the birthday party was a success! Trista also noted that FORMUFIT’s products provided such a sturdy and durable frame that they could have modified the building materials to make it more of an outdoor playhouse.

We here at FORMUFIT thanks the McSwain family for sharing their story with everyone, and we are continuously pleased and surprised with how our customers take our existing plans further than even we could have imagined! Be sure to check out not only the Large Kid’s PVC Playhouse plans they used, but also take advantage of the many free PVC plans and projects that we have to offer!

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