Create a giant PVC screen for under $100

Create a giant PVC screen for under $100

Author FORMUFIT Staff

CNET’s Donald Bell built a giant 10-foot wide, collapsible projection screen for under $100 with FORMUFIT PVC pipe and fittings.

Donald, Senior Editor with CNET, needed an inexpensive projection screen to share the time-honored tradition of watching Star Wars on the big screen with his son, but didn't want to go the labor intensive route of building a projection screen from many of the more common and expensive methods

His solution?  Spandex and PVC.

Donald wanted to make the screen lightweight and collapsible, and a PVC frame using FORMUFIT products provided that capability. Furthermore he was able to obtain the relatively inexpensive Spandex from online outlet Rose Brand, for just about $50.00.

After some trial and error, Donald came up with a solution that resulted in a rectangular PVC frame with stands and an offset center support (to reduce shadows).  He then used heat-setting fabric tape to create a Spandex ‘pocket’ that slips over both the front and back of the PVC frame.  Given the nature of Spandex, it creates a tight, flat screen that has few, if any creases or wrinkles.

Best of all, after the Ewok celebration at the end of Episode VI, Donald can pack up the entire screen and stow it his closet.

Click here for Donald's How-To Build to see how he built the screen, and watch a video of the projection screen in action.

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