Engineering Students build GlowSabers via FORMUFIT

Students build GlowSabers using FORMUFIT

Author FORMUFIT Staff

Ever wanted to be transported to a distant celestial body sometime in the far past? You probably know what we’re referring to at this point. Be that as it may, a group of ingenious engineering students from Alameda, CA have brought us one step closer to that reality. And they’ve done it with the help of FORMUFIT PVC piping in the construction of their own “GlowSabers”! 

PVC Pipe Light Saber

These students, ranging anywhere from grades 7-10, are taking on learning engineering to a whole new level by constructing their own pieces of pop culture. Guided by faculty member Carlos Vadillo, the students are learning about electronics, light, sound, programming and design…. all while having fun doing it.

PVC Glow Saber

Carlos selected FORMUFIT as the vendor of choice for the PVC pipe elements for his program as it maintains a glossy appearance, and professional look, all while working alongside of off-the-shelf PVC parts.  Furniture pipe was used as handles on many of the projects, along with internal dome caps to help seal the components inside.


In one particular example above highlights the construction of a see-through hilt used from FORMUFIT’s transparent, clear PVC piping powered by 4 AAA batteries. Not only does this look cool, but because one can see the electronics inside, it also allows the students to make design decisions based on future iterations of their GlowSabers. Vadillo and his team specifically chose FORMUFIT for the handle due to its light weight and ability to better utilize the space within the pipe

 Lightsaber Parts PVC

The students will continue to use FORMUFIT’s PVC piping for their work as they continue to have fun while learning and streamline their work to improve upon their designs! 

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