Halloween Fun with PVC Pipe!

Halloween Fun with PVC Pipe!

Halloween is just around the corner! Using the basic FORMUFIT pumpkin spider plan, you can make your own PVC Black Widow Lawn Spider! It’s a great outdoor activity to do with the kids!

Some changes to the original plan were made: Instead of using 1 in. pipe and fittings, 3/4 in. pipe was used and the legs were made longer to give the spider a creepier, more sinister appearance.

Here is a list of materials needed for this project:

The PVC pipe was cut to the following lengths:

  • 8x pieces at 24 inches
  • 8x pieces at 20 inches
  • 2x pieces at 12 inches
  • 14x pieces at 2 inches

Cuts can be made with a Ratchet PVC pipe cutter or a hacksaw.

The glossy, furniture-grade PVC pipe & fittings will not deteriorate in sunlight like off-the-shelf plumbing-grade PVC does.

A large-size pumpkin can be purchased for this project at any grocery or hardware store for under $10. A little spray paint later, and voila, black widow spider! 

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