How to Bend PVC Pipe Easily with Heated Sand

How to Bend PVC Pipe Easily with Heated Sand

Author FORMUFIT Staff

Linn, a maker and the proprietor of the YouTube Channel Darbin Orvar provides amazing tips and tricks on how to work on a varying number of projects from electronics to woodworking, using step-by-step videos made in her shop.

In one video Linn recently posted, she shows us how to bend PVC pipe easily using only heated sand and a little duct tape.  This video was a second place award winner for the Instructables 2017 PVC Contest.

In order to heat the pipe without kinking, she’ll need to add sand to the inside of the pipe.  This fills the pipe and provides resistance so that the pipe does not kink.  She places duct tape over the end of the pipe to block the sand from leaking out.  She then measures the amount of sand needed for the particular pipe segment she wants to bend.

This sand is put into a (sacrificial) pan and heated on a burner until hot, then put back into the pipe.  After a short period of time, the pipe heats up and Linn then bends the pipe using a shaping jig she created.  The shaping jig allows her to get the curve she needs.

This method can be a bit more challenging for larger diameter pipe, such as 1-1/4” and up, but is still a great solution for smaller diameter pipe such as 1/2” and 3/4”.

You can see Linn’s YouTube video directly here:

Also, check out her prize-winning Instructable here, as well as her website with more information on Linn and her projects.


  • I want to bend the PVC pipe in the shape of a pyramid . Can I make that shape with the heated sand. The point is the biggest problem.

    - Wayne S.
  • If you are bending Formufit follow my method. I’m bending 1 1/2 dia with no problem.

    I use a metal gutter downspout laying on the ground. I place me pipe inside. Put a heat gun in one end of the downspout. The pipe will be like rubber in about 30 minutes. Use gloves. It will burn your hand.

    Check your pipe to make sure the end closest to gun is not to close to melt.
    Place in your fixture.
    No cooking sand.

    - mark lindsey
  • Too bad she was not using your pipe, just using basic plumbing pipe. Video shows unless you are using small thin wall pipe, it really does not work.

    - Mike
  • Excellent idea! Can’t wait to try it!

    - Ace
  • Love the video! may I recommend you trying to use Pro-Gaff Tape in place of Duct tape as Gaff Tape is designed so it will not leave any residue it may save some time cleaning after your molding is completed.

    Here is The brand I use:

    - Cyber

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