How to Make Safe and Effective COVID-19 Safety Partitions: Part 2

Build Safe and Effective COVID-19 Partitions: Part 2

Continuing our multi-part blog discussion on how to build Safety Partitions with PVC, we look today to the concept of a mobile or movable partitions.  This project uses casters and PVC Pipe to build a barrier that can be moved as needed, based on where its needed at the time.

This barrier stands over 6' high and is an excellent solution for warehouses and manufacturing facilities where a static, stand alone, partition would get in the way, or become more of a hindrance instead of being helpful.

It's also a great solution for schools where teachers need to change their position within the classroom.  Giving it a push makes it easily move from position to position when consulting students or passing out homework.

With its simple construction and a common pipe length, its incredibly easy to built and quick to put together.  It uses poly sheeting as a barrier, with PipeClamps in place to keep the material connected firmly to the pipe structure.  

The structure itself is simply a full set of two walls, built from 1-1/4 in. Size PVC Pipe, set at a 90 degree angle to each other using 1-1/4" 3-Way Elbows and 4-Way Tees.  This give the Mobile Safety Partition its 'pocket' style barrier to cover two separate directions at once.

You can download this plan in our PVC Plans Library, or it can be downloaded directly here.  As always, feel free to modify it to the dimensions you may need for your application, and choose the colors to accommodate your preference.

We still have one more blog entry in this Safety Partition series, with Part 3 on the way, which wil feature a counter-top style partition for retail businesses and a desk solution for schools and libraries.


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