Make a PVC Coat Rack for your Fall coats and jackets.

Make a PVC Coat Rack for your Fall coats and jackets.

Author FORMUFIT Staff

PVC Coat RackBuild a multipurpose PVC Coat Rack for this upcoming fall season to store and organize your jackets, hats, umbrellas, and more. Made from 1” Size PVC, this Coat Rack PVC plan is great for jackets and hoodies while still being sturdy enough for lighter weight winter coats.

The bottom section is perfect place to store umbrellas, walking sticks, or canes. The length of the middle pole can be easily changed to adjust the over all height of the rack. In order to avoid tipping over, evenly distribute the weight of the coats or you can fill the bottom sections with sand before final assembly.

Build it in a solid color or mix-and-match colors to match your home decor or office. It’s a perfect size for most adults and compact enough to leave in a corner. Great for those busy days, when you just can’t make it to the closet.


You can download this plan in our PVC Plans Library here.


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