Custom Made PVC Auto Door Stands

Custom Made PVC Auto Door Stands

Author FORMUFIT Staff

You've probably seen drivers riding down the road in a sporty SUV with no doors and no roof. This is a thrilling way to experience the outdoors, but have you ever wondered where the owners put the doors when they're not using them? Since they should be easily retrievable in the event of rain or cold weather, it would make sense to not have the doors just lying around randomly, but rather a specific place and configuration that holds their auto doors. For some that wish to enjoy this ability with their Jeep or SUV but don’t have a ready solution, two FORMUFIT customers took action and got creative!

To solve the problem of where to store the doors of his Jeep Wrangler after he took them off of his vehicle, this FORMUFIT customer out of Yukon, OK came up with a great idea. He made a stylish and functional door cart out of our furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings. Door carts help protect the doors from getting scratched or dented by negating the need to lean them against a wall or lay them down on the floor of a garage or driveway. He also added wheels to the cart, making it easy to maneuver from its storage site to the vehicle when he needs to replace or remove the doors.

PVC Door Cart Frame

This door cart is easy to make on your own, however, keep in mind that dimensions will vary depending on the size of your doors.  In this particular case the customer used 37" sections of 1-1/4" PVC. It is recommended that you use Furniture Grade PVC pipe, which is strong enough for the job. For connections, the customer used 16x 4-way connectors and two (2) 3-way elbow fittings. He also used four Caster Fitting Inserts, four wheels along with some screws and pipe insulation. Each section is secured by screws along the connector pieces that are screwed into place. The upper crossbars are insulated for padding, and you can customize the bottom plate as well.

Door Cart SketchUp

With this moveable door cart, you can experience the outdoors with complete freedom. Take the doors off your Jeep or SUV and ride down the beach, find some mud, or tear up mountainous terrain. You'll be able to enjoy yourself completely knowing when you return home the doors of your vehicle will be safe (and easy to put back on) thanks to this door cart. You can find more details on the parts and instructions used to make this yourself here, or even improve upon it with your own ideas and solutions. For example, another FORMUFIT customer from Ogden, IL added an anti-fatigue mat on the plywood to cushion the door edges!

PVC Door Cart

FORMUFIT sells custom-made PVC pipe fittings in all colors and sizes. With such a wide selection of PVC pipe and PVC pipe fittings, customers can build almost anything they can imagine. Whether you need regular or furniture grade PVC pipe, FORMUFIT has what you need!

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