PVC Becomes Art

PVC Becomes Art

Author FORMUFIT Staff

Matthew Michael Warren, a designer & sculpture artist in Brooklyn, NY recently displayed his hardware-themed art sculpture, made entirely of FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC products at the Crest Hardware Art Show.

The Crest Hardware Art Show, part of Crest Fest 2012, is held at the Crest Hardware Store in Brooklyn and is a unique, month-long, art show displaying works from local artists. The art show, as well a Mr. Warren's peice was recently reviewed on NYC's Downtown Magazine and the Huffington Post.

Most of the pieces of the art show are usually obtained through actual materials which can be bought from Crest Hardware, or are inspired by the stores contents. Warren opted however to use FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC to display a complex PVC pipe sculpture.

Warren's submission, an M.C. Escher-esque sculpture, was built using 1" 5-Way PVC Crosses, 1" 90 Degree Elbows and 1" Furniture Grade PVC Pipe. Displayed as a table piece and as a hanging work, this fantastic piece of artwork by Warren is not only a testimony of not only how functional and minimalist FORMUFIT PVC products are, but just how beautiful they can be.


  • Do you have plans for this to sell?

    - Troy Hood
  • How can I get the instructions to make the PVC pipe sculptures. I like to make them. Thanks!

    - Ariel Torres
  • I think your art is cool and would like to give it a try myself. Any pointers? Any patterns or instructions?

    - Jim Hilligoss
  • I have something like that but not as much detail and I’ve been looking for something else to hang along with it – where can I get the instruction with parts list from – please email me the information – thank you

    - Ulysses
  • I would like the instructions for the PVC twirlers. I have made middle one alot . Now I want make the large one .
    Please send me the instruction for the medium one and send me large on also. I really want to make that one. Thank you

    - Rhonda. Skurat

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