Six PVC Gardening Ideas from our Customers

Six PVC Gardening Ideas from our Customers

Author FORMUFIT Staff

Garden season is in full swing, and what better way to find out some great gardening ideas from our customers themselves?   Here are six solutions that our customers have put in place for their outdoor hobbies using FORMUFIT Furniture PVC fittings and pipe:

PVC Netting Cages

PVC Netting Cage

"The PVC elbows from Formufit arrived on time and in great shape. I used them to build netting cages to cover my veggies that are constantly being attacked by deer, marmots, and quails. I first saw these cages in the Tucson Botanical Gardens, and found that they work great up here in British Columbia as well. This is the first year I have been able to grow carrots and lettuce outside the greenhouse.

The PVC elbows are well made, and fit together with the 1" pipe perfectly."

-Beverly B.

PVC Chicken Coop

PVC Chicken Coop

"Formufit PVC let us build a perfectly sized chicken enclosure around our henhouse. It was much less expensive than fencing and we can always move and adjust it later on."

- Roger L.

PVC Garden Covering

PVC Garden Covering

"We used the FORMUFIT elbows to put together a covering for a garden. It worked perfectly!

PVC pipe, elbows and chicken wire - very clever way to keep those pesky rabbits out of the garden."

- Tammy

PVC Tomato Plant Cages

Tomato Plant Cages

"We had a DIY project of 4 three-story 12x4 foot cages for supporting tomato plants in our garden.

At first glance the price of the connectors needed looked prohibitive - but using cheaper plumbing connectors turned to be the same price with much more complicated design and a weaker structure. In addition the use of these premium connectors permitted standardization of pipe pieces needed for entire project and saved a boatload of time both in short run (making the cages) and for the future (disassembly, storage and installation next year)."

- Sam H.

PVC Fountain Base

PVC Fountain

"This PVC works perfectly for my fountain, where I needed a base with a top connection for the spray part. I could find nothing else like it."

- Ganelle T.

PVC Garden Cart

PVC Garden Cart

Just like Tinkertoy's you are only limited by imagination. I have used these 3-bys and 4-bys for planters, stands, mountings and frames. They are well made, strong and reusable (if you don't glue them)

-Tristan G.


  • Can furniture grade pvc pipe (in green for instance) be used for a garden drip system like your regular pvc pipe?

    - DP
  • I love the chicken coop. Can I please get in touch with the owner to include this my upcoming book?

    - Robert Litt

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