PVC Poolside Towel Tree

PVC Poolside Towel Tree

Author FORMUFIT Staff

PVC Pool Towel Rack

Every pool owner has towels -- boatloads of towels, multiplying even more during the summer months. To solve the random towel-locating and drying problem once and for all, you can build our latest PVC plan, the PVC Poolside Towel Tree. The rack can hold six towels, as well as googles, masks and floats.

Pool and patio accessories were the original intent of our products, so its only fitting that our latest PVC plan goes back to our product roots.  The Poolside Towel Tree is a summer PVC project for pool owners, pool managers, swim teams and parents of kids who do a lot of backyard water activities.

This is the first PVC plan produced by FORMUFIT that incorporates the inset pipe construction method.  This technique consists of drilling holes inside of one PVC pipe and inserting a smaller diameter pipe into the holes.  This is often used to make ladder-style rungs, or in our case, all the way through the PVC pipe, to make a sliding, adjustable arm. The adjustable arms slide back-and-forth to accommodate different towel sizes and pool accessories.

Poolside Towel TreeConstruction of the towel rack is quite simple, and consists of 1-1/4" PVC pipe for the center column and feet, and 3/4" PVC pipe for the arms. The base is connected together by a 1-1/4" 5-Way PVC Cross.  You will need a 1-1/8" hole saw, but these are often inexpensive or can be borrowed from a neighbor or friend. The hole saw is used to cut simple holes in the 1-1/4" PVC pipe which is a relatively easy process.

You can also weigh down the base by filling it with play sand or another heavy material give it extra stability if there are often a lot of kids on the pool deck.  It can be broken down for storage in your garage or storage shed.

Download the free PVC plan for the Poolside Towel rack here, or you can view it along all of our PVC projects in our PVC Plans Library.

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