ShipSaver Pipe Lengths Now Available

ShipSaver Pipe Lengths Now Available

Author FORMUFIT Staff

We're introducing ShipSaver PVC Pipe lengths, which are 3-Packs of 40" (10-ft per pack) lengths available to our customers that will yield substantial shipping savings for PVC Pipe orders.

When it comes to PVC Pipe, length when shipping has always been an issue.For our long, 5-foot (60’) lengths, customers have always had to pay an additional handling fee, handed down from the carrier on each box that was over 48” long. This is because the carriers have to pull longer boxes off of the conveyors and manually handle them and the additional length adds to the dimensional weight, increasing cost.

Drop the 'over-length' fees.

With ShipSaver PVC pipe lengths that additional oversize charge is a thing of the past. No additional handling charges should be incurred as long as all pipe in your cart are using our ShipSaver lengths.

We’re still offering our existing 5-foot (60”) lengths of furniture pipe for those customers who need the extra spans and additional length or have built their businesses and products around our 5-foot product, which does incur the additional handling fee.

Need a longer pipe? Customers can easily add several of our inline internal PVC couplers to their order to extend the 40” lengths to achieve a full 10-foot span of PVC Pipe, or cut their pipe to a custom length by cutting it to size with a PVC Pipe cutter or saw. See more info here on our Internal PVC coupler.

How to Order

ShipSaver lengths appear on the same product pages as our regular 60” pipe. Just select the 40” 3-Packs from the dropdown box and add to your cart.

Important: Carrier additional handling charges will still apply to any shipment that contains 5-foot (60”) pipe that are purchased alongside our ShipSaver pipe lengths.


  • Working on a project to bury PVC as a receptacle for 1in PVC pipe which holds flags. Are installation displays the American fags on given holidays along are main roadways on are installation. We normally display a hundred and five flags . If possible I need caps for both ends of a 12 in PVC pipe to use as flag holders buried in the ground preferably screw on caps on the 12 in pipe buried in the ground. Your help would be appreciated and an estimate of what it would cost for material if it is possible to make this happen?

    - Robert Brothers
  • I am looking for 1" OD PVC pipe in a green color. Is this possible?

    - Marshall Hein
  • Looking for a one and a quarter inch PVC to build a display rack for a trade show. His furniture grade PVC the same as schedule 40? With a 1 1/4 come in 22.5° Elbowsand wye fitting?Thank you how can I obtain a price list for the pipe and fittings in white

    - Peter Collura
  • Valuable Information. Thanks For Sharing This And Keep Sharing Information.

    - samatha

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