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4-Way PVC Fitting

FORMUFIT 4-Way PVC Fittings provides multi-angle support along edges in PVC Pipe applications where four (4) sections of PVC pipes should connect with a single pipe joint. These fittings connect pipes on both the horizontal and vertical planes. The 4-Way PVC connector will fit over PVC pipe and taper down for a professional appearance.

Available Sizes

FORMUFIT PVC 4-Way Tees are available to buy online in the 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" PVC Sizes and fit standard Schedule 40 PVC size pipe. For sizing information, please see our PVC 101 page.

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Product Manual

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Product Manual
Additional Information

PVC 4-Way Side Outlet Tees

Basic Description

4-Way PVC fittings, also known as side-outlet tees, look precisely like a standard plumbing-grade PVC tee with three sockets at 90° angles along the same plane; however, they have an additional fourth socket that reaches out of from the top. This extra socket allows a supplementary connection plane to create more complex structures. With this extra port, you can connect up to four different pipe lengths at a central point to add dimension to your structure and design.