Clear PVC Fittings & Pipe

FORMUFIT Clear UV offers increased durability, UV resistance and unique connectors in a rigid, clear PVC solution.

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Clear Resilience

FORMUFIT Clear UV is the most durable clear PVC solution available. Clear UV has a strength threshold that is up to 5x greater than other clear PVC pipe and fittings, all while maintaining corrosion and chemical resistance properties like other clear PVC products.

Clearer Connections

FORMUFIT Clear UV is the only clear PVC solution with PVC 3-WayPVC 4-Way and PVC 5-Way connections. No other clear PVC solution offers these unique fitting combinations. Best of all, additional accessories are available, such as clear PVC End Caps, Dome Caps and Slip Tees, which make custom clear PVC implementations that much easier to achieve.

UV Protection

FORMUFIT Clear UV maintains all of the impact resistance and increased strength properties of Furniture Grade PVC, but with increased UV resistance over other clear PVC offerings.

Easy to Connect

All FORMUFIT Clear UV PVC pipe and fittings connect together using off-the-shelf clear PVC solvents, which permanently fuses the pipe and fittings together for a sealed, fully-enclosed fluid handling or containment implementation.

A Better Value

Most clear PVC pipe and fitting systems maintain a high cost to implement, however FORMUFIT Clear UV solutions are 20-30% less than the competition, giving you additional opportunity to get more from your budget.