Build in Color.

Add variety, customization and a professional touch to your project with glossy and beautiful FORMUFIT Furniture Grade Color PVC products.


Same Durable, High Quality PVC

FORMUFIT Color PVC pipe, fitting and accessories have the same high quality gloss, UV and impact resistance as the original FORMUFIT White PVC products, but in beautiful bold colors.  All of our product favorites are available, including our PVC 3-Way Fittings, 4-Way Fittings and our 5-Way Cross.

3-Way PVC Fitting In Color

Solid PVC Colors

Solid Color Throughout

FORMUFIT PVC colors are injection molded or extruded throughout the entire pipe and fitting, not just on the surface like some co-extruded PVC products. If the surface is scratched, drilled, milled or scuffed, the color stays the same.

Mix and Match

Since FORMUFIT color PVC products are available in individual units, you can mix colors or stay the course. Create projects with your favorite team colors or coordinate them with seasons or holidays.

Mix and Match PVC Colors

Available in 9 colors PVC

Nine Bold Colors

FORMUFIT Color PVC products are available in nine beautiful colors in the 1/2 inch through 1-1/4 inch sizes: White, Black, Gray*, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple.

*Gray color available in 1-1/4 in. only

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