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Sponsorships & Collab

FORMUFIT is always looking to pair with other organizations and individuals who will promote our products and fit our brand. We are constantly pursuing influencers to collaborate with on projects and products. We're seeking genuine influencers with a unique style willing to promote our products through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or blogs in exchange for our products.

FORMUFIT utilizes Shopify Collabs, a community management app that helps recruit brand ambassadors and influencers. Click the button below to apply:

We select influencers based on the following criteria:

  • Content, Production & Style
  • Photo & Video Quality
  • Content Engagement and Follower Count

Please note that all engagement and followers must be obtained organically and not purchased.


FORMUFIT enjoys serving our customers and helping the communities that embrace the use of our products for charitable purposes. Therefore, we donate a small amount of product each fiscal quarter to 501c(3) charities that benefit communities, schools, and not-for-profit organizations that foster the creative use of our products for their unique ways to enrich their communities and organizations.

Donations are typically made in the form of refurbished or mildly-used PVC products but may also include new or discontinued products.

Please submit your request using the form below at least 2-4 weeks before your event. Submission is by no means a guarantee that we can provide products for your event. We review requests on an ongoing basis, and it can take 2-6 weeks depending upon where it falls within the review process.

Requests that do not include the required information will not be considered. Do not contact our Customer Care or other groups outside this process, as those groups are not permitted to assist in donation or sponsorship requests.

Due to a large number of submissions, it is impossible to fulfill every request. Therefore, if we cannot assist with your project, we respectfully ask that you accept our apology in advance and wish you success in your endeavors. However, we may be able to assist in other methods, such as shipping costs on new products or discounts.

You will be notified by email only if your donation request is approved.