How to Read PVC Pipe Markings

Building PVC projects with FORMUFIT Furniture Grade PVC fittings does not require you to use Furniture Grade PVC pipe.  Almost all plumbing-grade PVC pipe is compatible with FORMUFIT PVC fittings and accessories.   When using plumbing-grade PVC pipe for your project, you can determine what PVC Size you have by reading the manufacturer markings or printing that is on the outside of the pipe.

Each manufacturer marks their pipe differently, as there is not a standard to how or what order, print size or format they are provided.  Since each manufacturer is different, we’ve provided some example of how manufacturers mark PVC pipe and what to look for.   Please note that not all manufacturers or PVC pipe sizes are represented below, and yours may be different.

Look for the PVC Size

The PVC Size of the pipe is normally printed on the outside of the pipe, but can be in any order along with the rest of the specifications.  It can either be printed in fractional or decimal format, with the unit of measure indicated as either 'inch', 'in.', or as the double qoute symbol (") for inches.

How to read PVC pipe Markings

Look for the PVC Schedule

You can also determine what Schedule the PVC pipe is by reading the markings.  Schedule is important as it indicates if the inside diameter of the PVC pipe can accept some FORMUFIT internal-fit products, all of which only work with Schedule 40.  You can determine the Schedule by looking for the markings that say either 'Schedule', 'SCH' or 'Sched.'.  The Schedule number will follow and will either be 40 (most common), 80 or 120 (least common).