How to Use: Adjustable PVC Elbow

To connect Adjustable Elbow Fittings to PVC pipe:

Adjustable PVC Elbow Insert 1

1. Insert one end of the Adjustable Elbow into a Schedule 40 PVC pipe segment.

Insert second PVC pipe into adjustable elbow

2.  Insert the other end of the Adjustable Elbow into another Schedule 40 PVC pipe segment.

Loosen Adjustable Elbow Fitting

3.  Loosen the screw/nut combination at the joint of the Adjustable Elbow to set to the desired angle.

Tighten Adjustable Elbow

4.  Once the desired angle is reached, tighten the screw/nut combination until secure.


Due to the large amount of variances of inside diameters of PVC pipe, PVC cement will most likely be required.  You can also use a screw between the point where the pipe and fitting meet to secure it in place.

For additional information, please see our PVC Assembly Guide.