1/2" PVC Size PipeSleeve Shrink Covering - 10-Feet

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Will a hairdryer work to shrink the sleeve to pipe?

    We do apologize, however a heat gun is required to reach optimum temperature. A standard hair dryer will not produce enough heat.

Product Instructions

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Product Description

Give plumbing-grade PVC pipe look and feel of Furniture Grade PVC with a low shipping cost.

FORMUFIT 1/2" Size PVC PipeSleeves cover most manufacturer markings on plumbing-grade PVC pipe through an easy-to-use, inexpensive heat-shrinkable veneer. PipeSleeves add a high gloss color and shine to plumbing-grade PVC pipe that is a close match to FORMUFIT PVC fitting colors.

Please Note: This product is a cosmetic solution only and does not add UV protection, increased strength or impact resistance to plumbing-grade PVC pipe.
  • Covers manufacturer markings on most plumbing-grade PVC pipe
  • Use FORMUFIT color fittings with plumbing-grade PVC pipe
  • An economy solution to Furniture Grade PVC pipe
  • Easy to apply to plumbing pipe with a heat gun
  • Lower shipping cost vs. shipping Furniture Grade PVC pipe

How to Use:

  1. Purchase plumbing-grade PVC pipe from your home center or hardware store.
  2. Cut your plumbing pipe and PipeSleeve to size.
  3. Slip the PipeSleeve over the pipe, then apply heat with a heat gun until completely shrunk.
  4. Cut away the excess and assemble.

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