The PVC Lawn Bag Stand

The PVC Lawn Bag Stand

Many municipalities now require the use of biodegradable paper lawn bags in order to have your yard clippings and leaves picked up by the city. You know the ones we’re talking about: The kind that wont stand up on their own and want to constantly fold over on you when you fill them?

To remedy this, we give you our New PVC Plan, the PVC Lawn Bag Stand!

PVC Lawn Bag Stand

This is something that I personally use around the yard multiple times a week. It works perfect to hold those paper lawn bags that are impossible to fill when standing on their own. It inserts inside of standard paper lawn bags to hold them upright for filling or hands-free use so you don't have to struggle with keeping the bag up on your own, especially when dumping lawn mower bags. When it reaches the top of the PVC structure, just pull it out and fold up the top of the bag.

Built using 3/4 inch 3-Way PVC Elbows and 4-Way PVC Tees, its a simple build using 3/4 in. PVC pipe and fittings and is definitely something to hang in your garage and use over and over again.

NOTE: If you build this out of white PVC pipe and fittings it will ‘green up’ over time due to staining from the lawn clippings. We recommend building it out of FORMUFIT Green PVC pipe and fittings to keep it looking nice.

You can view the parts list and download PVC plan and SketchUp file for the PVC Lawn Bag Stand directly here, or from our PVC Projects Library.

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